Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Colour My World

How gorgeous are these 2 beach cottages in the Bahamas! Ostentatious McMansions they're not, just honest, fun places to relax & enjoy.

Here's Tree House with its pretty balcony......

and turquoise & white shutters & french doors....

love the surprise of the chandelier in the dining room....

and the simple white kitchen....

and the turquoise bed & bench in the bedroom & the white-washed beams....

and the cute little bedroom tucked under the eaves.

Now here's Doll House, so cute in pink & white.....

with the pink kitchen curtains gently blowing in the breeze....

a splash of pink on the patio door.....

and more pink & crisp white......

While I don't think Doll House would suit the boys Fishing & Footy weekends away, I just couldn't resist it! Two delightful little gems to escape to.


  1. elles me font rêver ces maisons de poupées!!


  2. How gorgeous! Wouldn't it be fun to stay at one of these places? Love the pink, green and white colour scheme of one of the rooms - if I had a daughter, that was the colour scheme I was planning to use!

  3. I adore that little simple white kitchen. The rooms are so fresh and airy and relaxing. A true getaway. How I wish I was there!

  4. Calgon, take me away. These are BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Good Morning Miss Millie... love these little houses... you can see the breeze... so beautiful. A-M xx

  6. I love charming little cottages more than big fancy expensive ones.
    These are definitely charming!
    Thanks for sharing,

  7. Aww, they are adorable. I would really love to stay in them.

  8. How charming! What a divine place for a holiday

  9. Oh... to spend the summer in a sweet cottage such as these- wouldn't it be dreamy?

  10. These are just precious, I can't wait to show them to my BFF Janet. Her and I are planning our beach houses for the future. Love ya, Heidi

  11. Millie! My bags are packed...which airport and when?? *sigh*

  12. I can feel my blood pressure coming down just by looking at the pictures! Just imagine how relaxed I could be if I actually went?
    Clare x

  13. These are both beautiful examples of Bahamas beach cottages. They radiate happiness! I would pack my bags for a holiday and stay in one of these gorgeous houses at the drop of a hat! What a lovely post. Lee :)

  14. Charming Little cottages . So cute !

  15. Hi Millie,how are you? I hope you are fine!
    Wow amazing!Love the green and withe sheme, so fresh and relaxant!!!Have a nice week

  16. Love both houses... am so girlishtique. No worries for me.

    Gorgeous in it's way.

    Have a nice day.

  17. Oh, these are perfect get-a-ways! I would love a week's vacation at this very moment!! Fun!

  18. Oh Millie,

    They're adorable...

    Coty xx

  19. Now I really want to go on Vacation, Love the soft cool colors! So Relaxing, We could all use a little R&R...


  20. I really need to paint my floorboards white - these pics are stunning!

  21. they look so "homey" and well "loved"
    thanks for sharing them .. Julie from Holland

  22. Love simple white! One of these days I am going to do an ALL WHITE room. I long for one, but I have sort of an addiction to color..maybe I can do different shades of white! Congratulations on your Washington Post nod!

  23. I'll have one at Robe and one at Victor (or Carrick, I don't mind really!) - Now THESE are holiday homes, so cozy, you always find the best stuff Millie, and so different to what others are posting. x

  24. wow glad I found your blog....amazingly beautiful !!!


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