Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ciao for Now

As you can see by the shocked expressions on the faces of Not Dr. McDreamy's colleagues, our theatre date is still on tomorrow. And as I'm trying to cram a couple of weeks work into today, I'll say my goodbyes now. I take with me on our date, the wonderfully warm wishes of support from all of you - there are indeed very precious.

I did however, remind Not Dr. McDreamy yesterday that the last time I had a general anaesthetic was in 1982. I woke up from it to find the big brown eyes of newly-delivered Son # 4 staring intently at me through the clear wall of his isolette. A nurse had kindly wheeled him over to the side of my bed in Recovery for an introduction to the woman who was going to be his mother for the next 60 years or so. However, I do not want that experience this time!!

However, as it's Family Practical Joke month here, I can almost see the boys now, trawling the wards looking for a baby to 'borrow', sneaking in & putting the said baby by my Recovery gurney & waiting for my reaction on waking this time! Interestingly, it is the above baby who was the instigator of MOTH's Russian Bride saga last week. He's all grown now, but is still 'bending' the rules (as seen in the next pic there was a box of McFries being quietly 'donated' to that chookie). He's not in town this week, but I'm sure he's left all the necessary 'instructions' for his siblings. Those boys & MOTH will stop at nothing in their bid to win the FPJ Perpetual Trophy, even if it's at the expense of their poor, indisposed mother & wife!

Patricia from pve was quite right in her comment that I was keeping a stiff upper lip. Well, that lip's quavering just a little bit today. I just want Not Dr. McDreamy to weave his magic & to feel (& look) better again. He's the best & I know he'll do everything he can to return Miss Millie back to centre stage. See you all soon, & I cross my heart & promise, I'll spare you the in-depth details of what transpired on my hot date!
Image 1: Spoiler Junkie Images 2 & 3: Millie


  1. Millie, best advice I ever received and I like to pass it on. BE gentle with yourself.
    Since Dr Not McDreamy is not apparertnly endowed with physiogomy that would require much mirror time, then surely he can be focused and detailed for what you need.
    Prayers, positive thoughts, good vibes in all manner and form are headed your way. SURELY MOTH and the boys will skip FPJ month just this once or delay it maybe by a few weeks.
    We will miss you. Hope MOTH knows how to get in here to report.
    Gentle hugs, best wishes and adieu...
    Jane of Janezworld
    (PS I posted in green today)

  2. Jane, lovely advice as always, thanks so much. The boys wouldn't ever think of skipping FPJ month, it's not just a matter of life or death, it's far more serious than that!

  3. Fare well dearest Millie - my thoughts will be with you tomorrow when you're having your date with Not Dr McDreamy. Take care, Lee xx

  4. millie, i'll be sending prayers and healing thoughts your way from seattle. take care. pam

  5. Millie,
    Wishing you the most positive thoughts- the best...

  6. One of my all time favorite quotes is from the late and wonderful Bob Marley,

    "Don't worry bout a ting, cause every little ting is gonna be all right." Love ya, Heidi

  7. Wishing you happy, healing, healthy thoughts my dear Millie. You will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers. Feel all the love and well wishes coming to you from all over the world!
    your friend,

  8. Sending love and hugs for a speedy recovery

  9. Thinking of you Dear Millie.

  10. Millie, I agree with Jane, thank goodness Dr Not McDreamy is humble in the looks department - imagine how much time he had free to study instead of going out on dates when he was studying medicine? Leave the looks to MOTH. Will be praying for you to have a calm, peaceful heart over the next few days. Thinking of you. Meredith xo.
    p.s. how big was son #4?! No wonder you needed a general:)

  11. Lovely Lee, Pam, Karen, Heides, Joan, Michelle, Viera - you are all so gorgeous each of you for your beautiful messages, especially that certain someone who channelled the late, great Bob Marley for me. xx

  12. Sweet Meredith, thank you for your precious message, especially the calm, peaceful heart wish. Yes, Son #4 was exactly as all his brothers, delivered built like a mini Sumo wrestler. Born at 36 weeks he tipped the scales @ 9lb. 14oz., but holds the record as the smallest of my babies - all the others were over 10lbs. - OUCH! I lied to my Obstetrician about my dates, otherwise he would have been 12lbs+.!!

  13. Hello Millie,

    All the best for tomorrow, hope that it goes well.

    Leeann x

  14. Love is the essence of everything beautiful, the force behind everything wonderful and you have so much love around you!
    take care millie

  15. I will think 'Millie thoughts' all day tomorrow. Thinking of you now too! We all love you! A-M xx

  16. Take care Millie and come back to us soon, will be thinking of you tomorrow for sure and waiting for good news. Dr McDreamy better do his work yet!
    Big hug to you,
    Simone xoxo

  17. Thinking of you and best wishes for tomorrow.

  18. Wishing you all the best for tomorrow Millie! Prayers and thoughts will be with you. Take care, Axx

  19. Thinking of you Millie. Prayers for you tomorrow.

  20. Hi Millie
    I know you'll be fine and I look forward to hearing about all the highlights
    Kind Regards

  21. To the gorgeous Leeann, Cate, A-M, Simone, Melissa, Amanda, Leisa & Karen - love to you dear friends all for these sweet messages.

    And to Vicki A., so far away, but so closely bound, thank you for your words of encouragement last night. They calmed my soul just when I needed it most. Merci mon cher ami.

  22. Lady Millie,
    My thoughts always be with you. Hope for a quick recovery.

    I been through hard days and I know how you feel but our prayers always be with you.

    I will miss you...

    I send my LOVE all the way downunder!

  23. Sending my best wishes your way! Hope you get pampered and nursed by MOTH and the boys!

  24. Dearest Millie,

    I know everything will be just fine. Don't worry about a have so many followers who will be keeping you in their thoughts and prayers tomorrow.

    You will the darling of the hospital too. ♥Rosemary

  25. Oh Millie I wish you the best!!!
    Big hugs

  26. Sending love, hugs and lots of prayers that all goes well and for a speedy recovery. xxoo

  27. Praying all goes well, sweet Millie!! Thinking of you.

  28. I am thinking of you Millie...wishing you all the very best, sending prayers your way...Take Care, Dzintra♥x

  29. Hope all is well. We'll be thinking about you!

  30. Dear Millie

    Sorry I haven't written before now, its seems to be mad at the moment, its all I can to do keep on top of my own blog....!

    I know you won't read this till after the op, but I do hope all goes well and I will be thinking of you. Well done you for your incredible positive attitude, your an inspiration.

    Best wishes and kindest regards

    V x

  31. All the best to you dear one. I'll keep you in my prayers. There, just stopped and said one now. Sleep well and recover quickly.

    Love to you.

  32. Oh my goodness, i have been absent, out of the loop & fell of the bandwagon! I am in a panic over you! Ok, ok, by now you are in recovery, the good Lord has watched over every move that the good doctor has made & everything is going to be alright!
    I pray along with so many others that you are resting well, recovering & all your guys are relieved to know that mom will be on the mend soon.
    Let us all know how you are doing. You mean the world to your family & your bloggy family too!

  33. Just letting you know that you are on my wishes to you, MOTH and those boys xoxo

  34. Millie because you are recovering in front of a warm fir, I thought I would tagged you for a Heart Photo


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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