Monday, June 8, 2009

Thank You's All Round!

How spoilt I am to have received the following from these delightful bloggie friends!

Thank you to the wonderful Carolyn at Draffin Bears for the Awe-Summ Award. Her kind, supportive & gentle soul endear her instantly to all who visit her beautiful Kiwi blog.

The deal is to list 7 things that make me Awe-Summm - & as I have a strong dislike for sentences starting with 'I', this is going to be tough!

I have a very, very long fuse, it takes a real lot to ignite it, but once lit, STAND CLEAR!

I am the Queen of Chocolate Chip Cookies - just ask all my boys who've eaten many thousands from Millie's kitchen over the years!

As as Mum I made it through the adolescent years, not once but x 5 times with this mob!

I've never had a speeding or parking fine, despite spending most of my working life in my car - unlike the 5 boys, who owe the equivalent of Australia's National debt in traffic fines.

I'm totally Domestically Disinterested (well, I think that's Awe-Summm!), but can produce a sensational Sales & Marketing Plan & a very impressive set of Financials under pressure.

I make the deadliest Vodka Caprioska in town.

I had the privilege of project-managing a small research project from its infancy in the Lab. to global market launch. It still remains the #1 product of its kind in the world, with no end in sight to its incredible success. A truly amazing 'Right Place, Right Time' moment.

Thank you to sweet Amber over at Amber by Day. Amber is a gorgeous Aussie girl currently living in Sweden & she kindly takes us all with her on her travels through Europe.

As a recipient of this Award I must list 7 wonderful new Blog discoveries!

Thank you to the delightful Simone at The Bottom of the Ironing Basket & my dear friend, the lovely Ness at Marley & Lockyer for tagging me to play along with the '6 uninteresting things that make me happy' game.

  • Knowing Port Power have no injuries going into Saturday's game.
  • When the blow dryer & the big round brush just work in total sync. on the day.
  • QF11 landing in Los Angeles.
  • QF12 landing in Sydney.
  • When MOTH calls me 'His Woman'!
  • When I reach my monthly sales target on Day 10!

......but wait there's more! The clever Julie over @ Being Ruby also tagged The Laurel Hedge with the same task, but with a twist, she tagged MOTH! Very clever girl, she'll go far! So after much scratching of head, here are his answers:

  • When Millie honours her marriage vows & makes sure there's plenty of cold beer in the fridge.
  • I'm told in the morning that my Snorer's Friend appliance worked a treat.
  • Millie says to me 'Yes, darling I agree with you.'
  • When no-one comments on the fast deteriorating state of my bald patch for at least 2 days.
  • I can have a question answered by just one Telstra Operator/Govt. Employee/Bank Customer Service Officer.
  • When people say 'Ooh aah, your Liliums are magnificent!'

Image 1: Room in the Garden Image 2: Flickr Image 3: Amazon Image 4: Autocult Image 5: Notonthehighstreet Image 6: Gourmet Traveller Image 7: Aycyas Image 8: Paul Whicheloe


  1. A beautiful post with lots of well deserved awards. xx

  2. What a truly delightful post - I love how important your blow dryer and big round brush are, I hear you! Thanks so much for mentioning me in your post, you're very generous and I always love it when you come to "visit". Meredith xo.

    p.s. MOTH rocks.

  3. Brilliant! LOVED all your answers - and MOTH's too, made me laugh out loud! "Domestically Disinterested".....LOL!!
    Your blog is the best,
    Hope this week is a better week for you than last week,
    Simone :)
    PS Thanks for the mention :)

  4. Thanks so much for the award. It's my first one! You've really made my day!!

  5. Lovely, lovely choices Millie, xv.

  6. Hi Millie - Congratulations on your award and thank you for mentioning me - you have made my day also. I certainly think you deserve one huge award for raising all those lovely looking boys and I am not surprised after what must have seemed a life time of washing clothes for your brood you are Domestically Disinterested! LOL Leanne xxx

  7. Great answers Millie. Thanks for playing. MOTH must have his own fan based website by now!!!
    Ness xx

  8. Thought you might appreciate the fine art of delegation! Great answers MOTH. And by the way 'Ooh aah, your Liliums are magnificent!'

  9. Millie, I am so impressed looking at your 5 boys, You truly are an inspiration to everyone. You deserve a million medals and awards.
    I always love reading your comments. You make us all laugh in this serious life. Thanks for sharing!

  10. What a beautiful post and thank you so much for mentioning me.
    Congratulations on all your awards.
    Your blog is really a favourite of mine as you always have such wonderful things to say and show.

    Loved all your answers.
    I take my hat off to you with 5 boys and that deserves a huge Award!

    Kudos to you and Moth!

    Have a great week.

  11. millie, thank you so much for mentioning the new pixelimpress blog! i'm honored! and wow, i've missed a lot whilst away sunning myself. love, love the guest room. what a change. self-restraint - i showed none of it on my recent trip. my hips did not need a ritz breakfast buffet every morning. and look at that puppy. how cute. and i'm still cracking up over your 2 lists of 6 uninteresting things. thanks for the chuckle! pam


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