Thursday, June 11, 2009

The House on Harper's Island

Take one private island of just one & a half acres, throw in a tiny piece of woodland surrounded by salt marshes, a pond, a creek & the sublime Nantucket Sound. Add to the mix the fact that the Architect is restricted to designing & building on the footprints & heights of the 2 dilapidated 1940s Sears Roebuck kit-house cottages that exist on the site. Oh & BTW, the only access to the site is over a 300-foot-long footbridge.

Solution: The larger cottage's footprint became the southern most wing of the house, incorporating the living spaces & the kid's bedrooms. The smaller one became a stunning master bedroom suite carefully & sympathetically connected to the larger wing & with 2 cantilevered bay windows added to allow for additional natural light. Finally ensure that all the decks follow the existing deck areas & voila, a home of incredible beauty & style that is truly connected to its spectacular surroundings & the delicate eco system of the island.

All images Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects/Builders


  1. Thats sssome home!! I love the place..

  2. Fabulous, perfect for our weekend retreat.....

  3. Millie - how do you keep finding these fantastic places?? Leanne

  4. Beautiful post, they are all lovely!

  5. Wow, that is stunning, you are right. Love the shot of the outdoor dining area and the view - love those chairs.....just beautiful.
    Take care Millie,
    Simone :)

  6. what a beautiful place.

    everything about it is killer !
    the overhangs, the windows, and the placement of the windows.
    the view,woodwork, the landscaping.....
    it is a real gem. !

  7. Howdy, from the cornfields of Ohio

    I enjoyed this first visit to your blog. You are doing some nice work here in posting interesting things and covering most popular bases.

    Thanks for visiting my blogs.

    Abe Lincoln
    Brookville, Ohio

  8. wow, very unusual architecture! It's great inside. Really amazing and cosy.

  9. That's amazing he was able to create something so fantastic with all those restrictions! The setting is sublime. I've actually been thinking about a long weekend in Nantucket this summer and this really makes me want to go!

  10. What a beautiful place. I'd love to see it in person. It looks perfect. Thanks for finding it for us. ♥Rosemary

  11. LOVELY place! I would like to camp out there!

  12. I love this!!! btw I don't have any Aussie blood at all!!!! haha!!! too funny. I wish I did.
    p.s. Bunny was not very - how should I say this nicely? - outgoing. ha!

  13. OK seriously, when can I move in? So glad I stopped in to take a look!


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