Friday, June 5, 2009

A Very Special Blog Guest

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Your comments following the post on our Guest Room Reno. on Monday were some of the kindest, funniest & best ever! I enjoyed reading every one of them, thank you all so much. MOTH was interested to know what you all thought, & so I did a cut & paste job of the Comments page & showed him, omitting some of your more 'generous' comments for fear that the fame & adulation might go to his head. However, the lovely Lisa's comments really got me thinking:

I mean better be careful...MOTH just might have to start his own design blog. It could be called the MOTH HOUSE or the Dog House...depending on how happy you are at the end of the project. He is a handsome genius with regards to the ceiling fix & storage solution. Bravo to your man designer!

So while I'm off sorting out these silly Drs. who want to diagnose me with something I don't need to know about, I'm throwing caution to the wind & letting MOTH have his own design blog, just for a day, via a Guest Blogger spot here at The Hedge.

While I have a few questions for the man of the moment to answer, what I'd really love is for you to submit yours (by Monday morning please). Anything & everything - don't be shy, now's the time to really see if he can live up to all the hype!


  1. Moth Darlin'~ You seem to be a man with many special talents. Your ability to take what I feel is already a lovely home and put your own spin on it... my question is... will you work for fabulous meals and great wine? I could use a little help here! Naturally Millie would be here to add her incredible sense of style.

  2. I would love to pick MOTH's brain about what he would hang over the fireplace mantle? Heidi

  3. Hmmm... uncle MOTH! first of all I adore those years together w/ Millie. GREAT JOB! I don't know what's the secret of that *wink

    Secondly, I wonder your secret talents. It seems your "jack of all trades" that I really love to have for a man in my life *another wink

    Thirdly, hoping not only heavy talents/secrets you have. Can you wash, iron, clean pedantly (like M) cook & design your wonderful abode?

    Wish I can peek someday, how it goes in MOTH mind.



  4. Hi there Millie! I've tagged you to share 6 uninteresting things that make you happy.

    Feel free to forget if you don't have time.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Me again. Or better still.. make MOTH do it!! he he

  6. Dear Mr. Moth,
    I would like to know:
    1. how your 'style' differs from Millie's
    2. what is your favorite/least favorite type of remodel job to do (i.e. painting, plumbing,etc.)
    3. when remodeling opinions "vary" how do you and Millie resolve the differnece of opinion? (Is there discusion, does M.'s vote trump?!)
    4. what is your one favorite change that you have made to the house?

  7. LOL... the dog house... men do get themselves into those don't they... LOL
    J'adore that photo!!!
    Bon week-end mon amie!

  8. Oh MOTH, that'll teach you to be cheeky about blogging.

    I want to know why it is that most men can usually do the most amazingly complex tasks when tools and renovating are involved, but putting together IKEA flat-packs will leave you hyperventilating. However, perhaps this is another area in which you excel.

    Love to Millie, hope she feels much better soon. Meredith.

  9. Hi Millie & Moth,

    What talented people you both are!
    Your alterations to your home are going to be great and I am sure you could have your own interesting blog too! We love to hear what you are doing to the house.

    I hope you are getting a lot of rest Millie and feeling better.

    Enjoy your weekend

  10. Hi Moth
    I would like to ask what is your biggest challenge with this house?
    What are the major differences between this house and the last?
    What drives you is it Millie ?
    Kind Regards
    PS Thank you millie for allowing us to question such a famous guest

  11. How fun! Ok here it goes...

    Dear Moth,

    1. Who's idea is the remodeling?
    2. Who makes the final decisions?
    3. What are your favorite colors?
    4. Can you really do everything?
    5. Isn't Millie the greatest!!!!

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