Saturday, June 20, 2009

A Hot Date

Not Dr. McDreamy called today & insisted that I agree to accompany him on a date. He & I are going to the theatre on Thursday. The show he's planning to take me to is a somewhat experimental production set in a hospital Operating Suite. As part of this experience it appears that I'll be fast asleep, he says I'll enjoy it a whole lot more. However, he's fairly certain that our date will not be successful, & we've both been avoiding the discussion about the next stage in our relationship should this happen. Oh & he did mention something about not wearing any make-up or jewellery & to bring my cheque book, as I'll be paying for the tickets. A very odd request for a first date don't you think!
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  1. This date sounds pretty luke-warm to me. Hot doesn't get a look in. Warmest wishes to you, hope the outcome is positive.xx

  2. Oh Millie, lets just play like your doctor 'does' look like McDreamy, okay?! It will make it all so much better!

    Just so you know, you will be in my thoughts and prayers this week. Please take good care and rest this weekend and enjoy your time with Mr. Moth.

  3. Dear Millie. I somehow missed your 1st 'Not Dr McDreamy' post (now read) so I have been a little remiss in giving you my best wishes and encouragement. Have to say I haven't had alcohol since xmas 2007, but I'll raise my glass to you and wish you all the best for a speedy recovery!! I think this Dr must be looking pretty good for being so on the ball.!! I'll be thinking of you and sending positive thoughts your way.

  4. All the Very Best Millie...that is a Very early pic of McDreamy...even so he just gets Better...
    take care

  5. Hi Millie,

    The no makeup and no jewellery does not sound like a fun date nor should you have to pay on your first date:-)
    I will be thinking of you Thursday.

    Bon weekend,


  6. Dearest Millie - this date with Not Dr McDreamy does not sound very alluring. Let's hope that you don't need to have any further dates with him! In all seriousness Millie, I hope all goes very well for you on Thursday - I'll be thinking of you and sending a special prayer your way. Lee xx

  7. Fingers crossed Millie all will be well with a good result and as painless as possible. Thinking of you....xv

  8. Doesn't sound like my kind of date...hope it all goes well! Enjoy your weekend! Tracey xx

  9. Sending prayers and healing wishes throught the universe for your "Thursday date". Good luck, my friend.

  10. Millie - hope it is the most boring and uneventful date ever. You're being very stiff-upper and all that, but any date with a doctor tends to upset the nerves a bit. Here's hoping your relationship with him is brief.

  11. Millie, good luck on your surgery. I'll be thinking of you and waiting to hear the outcome. I'm sure Not McDreamy will take better care of you then the real McDreamy.

  12. I am happy that you will be better and on the mend soon. In the mean time, while you wait, I wanted to share with you a blog I came across, Pioneer Woman. She has a great romance that she has written about how she met the Marlbro Man. She also has some pretty funny stuff too. I spent hours reading and laughing and fanning myself from reading this blog. You are in my thoughts everyday. Have a great weekend, Heidi

  13. you !!
    too clever you are.

    but don't you wish he would be there when you awoke ??

    i will be thinking of you.

  14. Wow, sounds like a hot date to me!

    Wanted to wish the moth a happy fathers day down under!


  15. I'll be thinking of you on Thursday. Here's to a speedy recovery. Best wishes

  16. Wishing you every good thing and easiness in the days ahead.

  17. Not really a date to look forward to! Hoping you recover from it quickly and a positive result. Thinking of you this week. Take care...Axx

  18. Hi Millie
    I'm worried as to why your Not McDreamy thinks your hot date won't be positive? I'm sending exceedingly positive thoughts your way! I truly hope you're feeling better soon.
    Amanda xx


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