Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Naming Rights

Son # 5 arrived over the weekend with his new little four-legged 'baby' for a visit. She was still without a name, so he asked 'Mum, could I have a look at the Baby Book.' So we pulled it from the bookshelf & plonked down together in front of the fire to do some serious name research. The book was originally my Grannie's, then my Mum's & is now mine. I used it to choose all of the boy's names & when they were little, they always loved reading it on cold, rainy days & fighting over who could find the silliest name in the 'Choosing A Name' chapter. As this book comes from the 1950's, they always ended up finding something outrageous! How about Arnoldine or Lyonelle, Quintina or Xylia for a girl? Or Chauncey, Hanford, Lysander or Warford for a boy? Quaint to say the least!

Looking through it again on Sunday, I got to thinking about the meaning of names. Mine means 'A Pearl' & MOTH's 'Given by God'. With the boys we've got a 'Leader of Men', one 'A Crooked Nose', a 'Beloved', another 'Warlike' & a 'Dove' - no further comment from their Mother is required here!

The author of the book 'World of Babies' was Mrs. Betty Paterson & while her illustrations would be considered a little 'twee' these days, I couldn't resist including her interpretation of my star sign Capricorn - with my love for music her illustration is spot on, but the bit about being cautious & reserved puzzles me!

Do you know what your name means? Let me know & we can all have a giggle.

Oh & BTW - our little furry girl now has a name - Sascha (Warrior/Defender of Men). And it suits her perfectly as Son # 5 says even at just 10 weeks, her Border Collie instinct is well advanced & she uses every opportunity to try & round both him & his sweet girlfriend up & pen them into a corner!

All images from Betty Paterson's World of Babies (Thomas Nelson Australia Ltd.)


  1. Hi Millie,

    Lovely post and glad that you have choosen a new name for your fur grandbaby. Sascha is a lovely name and I am sure she will live up to it. She is adorable.

    Loved that page ~ "Thursday's child has far to go"!

    Love what your name means ~ Pearl, beautiful. Mine is "Little womanly one" ~ sounds like I should be living at the Little house on the prairie! hehe.


  2. Hi Millie...thats easy for me...Dzintra is Amber, Ingrid is Daughter. Wow love those meanings for those names you found. As for your name Mille...Pearl, you really do come up with some Pearls for your posts...just love to read them. Have a great Tuesday♥x

  3. Great post! I think my name also means beloved. And I'm a capricorn too.

  4. Aww....how special that you got in on the name selection.
    Our kitty is Cassie and that means "she who entangles men". Suffice it to say she has her dad and I right where she wants us!

  5. Hi Millie, great name you've chosen for the new addition to your family. With her border collie instincts I'm sure that young Sascha will be a wonderful companion & 'defender'. Lee :)

  6. ooh, i could get absorbed in that name book. i also like to read the birth date book. usually it's spot on. pam means honey.

  7. How fun! That is a perfect name!

  8. Oh what a nice name and meaning that the furry 4 legged one got! That book sounds wonderful, and your name meaning is just perfect! I have no idea what mine means, but I think it's "Brat" Pfffft.
    xo Isa

  9. My name means "It is heard"....never knew that, just looked it up - must let husband know ;)
    I love the illustrations in your name book, they are beautiful.....Sascha is a great name for a dog,
    Take care of yourself :)

  10. Hello from a fellow South Aussie! Great blog and congratulations on the 5 sons - my 2 are all I can handle! Jayne


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