Thursday, June 18, 2009

Grey Men

Click to enlarge - it's really worth it!

It's high time the Oxford Dictionary folk updated their definition for bedroom which currently reads as: a room for sleeping in (sometimes w. ref. to sexual intimacy). Come on guys - take a good, long look at this divine space & get with the programme. Even your description for boudoir is pretty tame: woman's small private room or sulking place (from the French word bouder:to sulk).........oh pleeeeease!

There is so much you can do in a bedroom other than sleep. Try dress, undress, twirl, cavort, preen, pamper, read, write, relax, plan, drink, love, talk, snuggle, argue, admire, caress, purr, kiss, dream, snooze, sing, sob & laugh for starters. So come on, use your imagination & creativity - I dare you!

What word/s would you like to throw at the grey men at Oxford University Press to assist them in their new description of bedroom? If you submit, I'll compile & send. In the early days of our marriage MOTH referred to it as the MPP (Marital Passion Pit) - aaah, those were the days! My word's sanctuary, what's yours?

Image Emma Dinverno


  1. I don't know what word I'd use, but I love grey in all it's different shades and this room has just done my head in!

    It is truly gorgeous. Truly. Gorgeous!


  2. This rrom sums up my definition.

    Wish I was there!

  3. Hi Millie,

    I loved the bedroom photo you shared.
    The grey accents and that little party dress is fabulous.

    There must be a lovely French name for a bedroom, other than boudoir ( sulking place? Non!
    I do know when I am at home I think of home sweet home, and I think of my bedroom as a Haven.

    Have a great Thursday

  4. How about... a room for rest, renewal, contemplation, and privacy. And then there's my house. A room that gets the short end of the budget, gets decorated last and usually ends up with all of the weird furniture that doesn't fit in anymore! However, I'm working on changing all of that. :)

  5. I'm sorry, did you say something? I'm too distracted by this lovely, lovely room . . .

  6. Dream Suite, that is what I would call it. Heidi

  7. sanctuary is the perfect word. lovellllly room.....

  8. A 'breathing' room - a room to take a few seconds, stop, relax..'respirer' as they say in France. Add an 'e' to 'haven' and I think we are there...a bedroom should be about as close as we get to 'heaven' in this lifetime. xv

  9. What a gorgeous bedroom.

    Yeah...I'm with's about time they add some spice and more meaning to a bedroom.

    Hmmm... can I just call my bedroom My Own Private Hideaway?

  10. YaY! my hubby fall in love w/ this room. He told me he can have this room by himself.

    You rock, Lady! Hope you can join my surprise on week end on my 1st bloggie bday.

    Have a great Friday!

  11. Tranquillity is my word for this beautiful grey room.

  12. A room that should be without television... a reading room! I like your "sanctuary"!

  13. Wonderful bedroom! I'm loving greys these days.... and browns! It's been the interesting to watch this new color-love evolve in the new house setting.

    MPP- too funny! That Moth, please tell him we are awaiting his return!!

  14. Sanctuary is mine as well Millie. I thought it had only been a week since my last visit but way too much has been happening over there in Stirling. So pardon the absence. Wow, a Not Dr McDreamy and Russian brides. It just doesn't get any better than that!
    Can't wait to hear about the revenge plot.
    And of course this bedroom is right up my alley and 3 times bigger than mine.
    Lisa & Alfie


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