Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Some Self-Restraint

Received a lecture from the Dr. yesterday about my blood pressure which seems to have a mind of its own & is pulling some very impressive numbers at the moment. On previous visits I've managed to spin her a yarn & avoided confronting the issue, but yesterday there was nowhere to hide & she gave it to me with all barrels blazing! While weight's not an issue, I guess I'll have to give these a wide berth & replace them with these - she tells me I'm her most stubborn patient & considering my scientific background, I should know better. Talk about taking no prisoners - I'm feeling somewhat fragile today!

Both images Packhouse


  1. Oh Millie,

    Sending hugs your way, my friend.
    Never nice being told things like that.

    The cupcakes look yum, but then so do the apples.


  2. Millie - did you explain to her that the high BP is directly related to all that bathroom renovating and decision-making?

  3. This is admirable. And totally impossible for me!

  4. Sorry to hear that Millie, it's never nice to hear things like that. I am sure you will straighten up those numbers very soon.

    Best wishes to you,
    Simone :)

  5. Yes, I agree...I am sure it is the renovating! Ax

  6. Doing some changing here myself. Today I am drinking only water. Yummy, yummy water. Just keep telling yourself that you have a strong will and you can do it, well that is what I am trying to convince myself to do. Have a wonderful day, you can do it. Heidi

  7. Oh Millie - I've been getting the riot act from my doc for the same issue and a few others lately! I think our houses need to get finished and then go on a lovely vacation - that would do wonders!!
    love to you!
    xo Isa
    Speaking of love... your new pup is such a love!!

  8. well, if you must beat yourself up about it, USE A FEATHER.

    xx's and a big huggo !

  9. Oh Dahling,
    Your Purrrrrfect and I love you just the way you are!!
    Im with the blushing hostess on this one..xxoo

  10. Hi Millie
    My family all have high BP except for me and even my husband is being threated with having to go on medication. However, one of my brothers has been having a 'tea' that has helped lower his BP and my husband has been trying it too - he will find out in a few weeks if it has helped him.
    You may have even heard of it, I think it was on one of the Current Affair shows awhile back - "Spearole MediterrAsian Blended Tea".


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