Monday, June 15, 2009

Not Dr. McDreamy

Image: thank you beautiful Lucyina for this perfect pic.

.....just a middle-aged, balding, slightly overweight Professor of GI Surgery who I could have planted the biggest smooch ever on! After 2 weeks of being given a mixture of blank & worried looks by all manner of 'Eggsperts' as MOTH calls them, in just 10 minutes on Friday 'Not Dr. McDreamy' threw all the puzzle pieces up in the air & bingo..... they dropped down on his desk as a perfect picture. Finally I have a diagnosis, not one I wanted to hear, but nonetheless, something I can move on with. So please give 'Not Dr. McDreamy' a big hand for his excellent detective work & diagnostic skills.

It appears that the emergency surgery I had to 'evict' a very angry gall bladder & the 90-odd stones that had taken up residence in it when I was 24 & my first baby was just 2 weeks old, has come back to haunt me. It was well before laparscopy was commonly used, so it was an open procedure. Apparently, the Surgeon who performed the original procedure used a new whizz-bang intraoperative anastomotic technique that was soon found to be less than optimal & quickly abandoned. 'Not Dr. McDreamy' said he has only ever seen one other patient presenting with the same issue & the resultant severe complications. Oh, joy!

So the result is that I require surgery to try & reverse what was done originally - big cross sighs & stamping of foot from me! I still feel decidedly unwell & am an 'interesting' shade of mellow yellow, but at least I've got a plan of action to work with.

My heartfelt thanks to everyone for your sweet messages of care & support, they have been overwhelming. And in my darkest moments, when the 'Eggsperts' were thinking but not speaking about worst case scenario stuff, your concern lifted my spirits immensely.

I need to give myself some much needed TLC, sit down at the dressing table & plan something which will replenish my soul & strengthen my reserves for what lies ahead. And that means nothing changes here, except that certain Guest Blogger who's been quietly plotting & scheming a takeover, had better think again!


  1. So glad to hear you finally know what is causing the trouble. Half the battle down. Hope you decide on the right cause of action and all goes well. xo. MB

  2. Please take really good care of yourself sweet lady...You will definitely be all our thoughts hoping that everything goes really well....Love Cathy xx

  3. Whoo hooo! good news that you now have plan of action, and can move on to remedy. Most stress in these situations is the not knowing thing. Hope the good Drs get problem sorted quick smart and you're feeling yourself again very soon.

  4. What a relief! I'm sorry that you've got an uncomfortable time ahead, but thank goodness for a diagnosis and a good one at that. I'm sure you can hear the collective sighs of relief from your bloggy friends around the world. Hope the doctors continue to be so helpful, even if they're not so dreamy. Meredith xo.

  5. Hi Millie

    I've just been catching up with all that's been happening at The Laurel Hedge. Sorry to hear you've been unwell - hope that you'll be better very soon. Take good care of yourself.


  6. Hi Millie,

    I am so glad that you have found out what is causing the trouble.
    So awful when you do not know what is wrong.

    I will have you in my thoughts and I hope that the problem will soon be sorted so you can feel well again.

    Look after yourself

  7. OH Miss Millie - so not good to hear you have been unwell, please look after yourself and if there is anything I can do, just holler down the freeway and I'll be there x

  8. Certainly knowing what needs to be done must be a big help and a good start - however unpleasant that path is going to be. I like your dressing table, very pretty and perfect for a bit of self-indulgence to rebuild your confidence. Indulge in that virtual holiday down at Avalon below which looks very enticing indeed.

  9. I am checking in early just to see if you had news! Glad you finally have answers and now, as you say, you can formulate a plan of action. Hooray for Dr Not McDreamy :)
    Take good care and know you have all our support and best wishes too....keep us posted please,
    Simone xoxo

  10. Oh Millie,
    At least, like you say, you know what it is and can focus on getting well now. Just make sure that MOTH does lots of tending to you and running around after you so you can rest. Look after yourself luv!
    Ness xx

  11. Hi Millie, I'm so glad you have a diagnosis, and will be on the road to recovery. Take care of yourself, I'll be thinking of you.

  12. Dearest Millie, so glad that you finally have a name to put to your malady. Not good of course that you need to have surgery, but I'm sure 'Not Dr McDreamy' will have you back on track in no time. Sending you lots of good thoughts & wishes. Take v.good care of yourself Millie - you're one in a million! Lee x

  13. Oh Millie, thank goodness they found out what it was. I know exactly how you feel as my recent surgery had arisen out of emergency surgery as well. Take Care and thinking of you, Dzintra♥x

  14. Sounds most unpleasant you poor thing. Hope the 6 gorgeous men in your life take proper care of 'our Millie' during the surgery and recovery. Make sure you milk it for all that it is worth!
    Clare x

  15. Thinking of you Millie and I am glad that you have a diagnosis and plan - to know the problem is to solve the problem. BTW I am still giggling 24 hours later over the Russian post.....(I might sign up Mr FF!) xv

  16. Millie,

    Nice to hear your troubles are diagnosed. Really treat yourself well and let the great MOTH and sons pamper you, lots!!

  17. Oh Millie,
    I am so happy that you now have a diagnosis and a course of action- that will give you some peace of mind.
    You rest, and relax and make Moth wait on you hand-and-foot!! Now, that's an order!!


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