Monday, June 15, 2009

From Russia With.....??!!

Memo to: Sons 1,2,3,4, & 5.
From: Your Mother.
Date: 15.6.09
Subject: The Joke's Over!

Ok boys, you might have thought it was funny at the time, but let me tell you, THE JOKE'S OVER! You might have all laughed when each of you in turn registered your father's name & email address on at least 20 Russian Mail Order Bride Dating Sites. But let me tell you, this morning when he was sitting at the Computer screeching like a banshee & evoking the wrath of God on each of you, I couldn't think of one vaguely humorous thing.

So, my advice to all of you is - get onto your computers & unsubscribe him - PRONTO. You know how your father is not exactly computer literate, well I worry that in one incorrect choice of a drop-down menu, he'll unknowingly order one (a bride that is) & then where would we be. And believe me boys, even though they say he'd get the one in the above picture, I reckon she'd be more like this.

So my strong advice to you is that if you still want to be in the Last Will & Testament of your parents, do as I've asked & do it now.

Image 1: Natasha Image 2: Tinou


  1. They obviously get their sense of humour from you Millie! So funny! Tracey xx

  2. What is wrong with bride number two Millie? I think you have been most harsh......xv

  3. That is a great joke, I must remember that to use on someone one day..

  4. funny guys you have there-

    too funny !!


  5. Absolutely hilarious. My hubby almost spat out all his red wine when he saw bride number 2! Oh Millie, I did not know you have been unwell. How did I miss MOTH's fabulous post? Bloody dial up, that's why. He has such a wonderful, witty outlook on life... you two?.. peas in a pod.... and now your son's are carrying on the genes..... MOTH.. sorry mate, there'll be more to come I'm sure. Hope you're feeling better soon Miss Millie. A-M xx

  6. Oh Touche. Vicki Archer's humour is as good as yours!! Lovely.
    I think you should just accept it. Maybe she'lll do the housework for you (well.. #2 might)

  7. !!!! I nearly choked! How funny. Sorry MOTH, but it IS funny, and just think if #2 turns up she can do all of your domestic goddess chores while you rest.
    ...wonder if I can get one to do my cleaning??
    Ness xx

  8. I bet No.2 could rustle up a pretty good stew though ;) I am laughing so hard over here....just hilarious.
    My blog post today has a little mention just for you Millie...
    Thanks for the laugh!
    Simone :)

  9. Oh girls - I reckon we need to show a bit of compassion here. I reckon Bride # 2 has done more than her fair share of domestic duties, so give her a break I say & get Bride # 1 revving up the vacuum cleaner!
    An up-date tonight shows MOTH's get 567 new emails in his Inbox as it appears some of the Agencies have onsold his email address. Oh lordy, lordy, those boys are in for it!!!

  10. Well Millie I think you should let Moth get his new bride if she turns out to be Godzilla he may never want to go near the computer again so your blog will be safe. Second thoughts if she's like the first he won't go near the computer again ( no time he'll be very busy )So either way it's a win win to you.
    Kind Regards
    PS Glad you've got a positive answer to your health scar so glad to hear

  11. Such wicked, wicked boys! Their sense of humour is positively evil, but I like it!
    Glad to hear that you have a diagnosis - here's hoping you are better very very soon.
    And thank you so much for thinking of me and the boy. He had a birthday this weekend, and I had his father, step mother and baby half brother over for dinner - interesting! He enjoyed it, so that's the main thing.

  12. Maybe time for a new email for MOTH? Millie, I am so sorry about your illness. Turning yellow is a very scary scary thing. My Texas Heart goes out to you. Heidi

  13. maybe i'll order a russian bride for myself so that i have a wife to vacuum, cook, clean, launder, scoop cat litter, just like my husband has. oops, scratch cook off the list, husband cooks more. glad you find your diagnosis, millie.

  14. I am still laughing over this....I am very sorry for MOTH because that is a total disaster re the emails is just SO funny. xv

  15. Your blogg is so nice!!!

    Regards from Sweden & Agneta

  16. This is a great joke. Thank you for posting.


  17. Hi Millie,

    The Boys are going to have to do something really nice for you both!
    Phew, what with 567 new emails!

    Maybe a little trip somewhere?


  18. So funny!!! Look what I have been missing out on when I have no time to 'blog'...laughing this hard beats doing sit-ups! Ax

  19. Oh this is excellent!!! Poor MOTH, very funny though.What a great bunch of boys you have.

  20. Bet your husband would be happy to have a Russian wife should he have a chance.

  21. Thanks Anonymous - but should I shuffle off this mortal coil, all MOTH would be interested in would be finding himself a new wife who was as rabid in their support of the Melbourne Football Club as he is. Nationality would be irrelevant, just as long as they donned the Navy Blue & Red scarf with a much passion as him!!

  22. Oh the boys. I must say though, it's pretty funny. And I'm sure bride #1 has nothing on you my dear.
    I'm new to your blog and have been really enjoying it. Sounds like your boys keep you on your toes.
    All the best to you on your road to good health.

  23. My li brothers signed up the evil step father to Russian dating websites - That's awesome ;-)


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