Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Aaaahhh Factor

One thing leads to another here at The Hedge. We had the electricians in on Friday to do all the new work in the Bathroom-From-Hell & there was drama. Because of the style of this house with it's 1970's sloping, high pitched ceilings & raked beams there is only 6 inches of roof space. This has caused much gnashing of teeth in our renovation journey & Friday was no exception. The BFH sits between 2 bedrooms, the lovely guest room & the tiny disgusting unrenovated bat cave I described in yesterday's post. Each room is separated by double brick walls, which means power supply needs to be fed through brick channeled wall conduits. The supply to the BFH comes in via the bat cave & that supply has a leak, so can't be used. In normal circumstances, a new supply would be fed down through the roof space, but oh, not here.

So MOTH, after crawling under the house to chase the supply up through the floorboards, will have to get Big Bertha the Brick Cutter out of mothballs. Then she'll be fired into action to drill new channels down the brick wall in the bat cave to feed an alternate power supply into the BFH & we all know what that means - A MASSIVE MESS OF BRICK DUST & RUBBLE!! So Sunday was spent clearing everything out of that room, which has become a bit of a dumping ground for all things I can't decide whether to keep or toss. I was in no mood for this on Sunday arvo & so a normally calm & rational Millie was replaced with the Angry Purging Pixie & most things got tossed. So we have full boxes everywhere in the house - boxes for the Vinnies, boxes for the kids, boxes for the Friday Trader. So in the midst of the mess I need somewhere I can retreat to in my head that's uncluttered & these 2 sublime rooms fill that brief perfectly.


  1. You are welcome to take a break on my sofa. It is a great yet uncomfortable thing, this progress. I started on our bathroom from hell with my 7 year old son as my side kick. I first taught him how to dial 911 in case of an emergency and then we got straight to work. Happy to say that the bathroom ceiling is half way done. I also taught him demolition, he requested to be the one to get to use dynomite. Oh my, what did I give birth too? Love ya, Heidi

  2. Oh, I hear you Millie! These 70's style houses must have been designed to be impossible to renovate, because we've had exactly the same issues with ours. The 'domino effect' is always a factor, as trying to fix one problem always unearths a dozen more. I send you strength and resilience, but I suspect a dozen bottles of champers would probably work better! K xx

  3. hahaha "Angry Purging Pixie"... :D I'm sorry, but you totally keep me cracking up. Hope you know I am laughing WITH you and sending you lotsa love (and patience) for the BTH. hee :)


  4. Poor Millie - Although I'm sure these rooms have helped the Angry Purging Pixie to be relieved of such emotions!!!

  5. Oh Millie, my heart feels for you. I know you can hang in there though (and really, what choice do you have?!?) You will, one day, SO appreciate the BFH!

    And, I love your retreat rooms, if only in imagination....

  6. Oh dear, this isn't sounding like much fun, but just think once its all finished the pain of renovating will pass & become a story to tell, LOL, just like child birth. Good luck!!!

  7. I am beginning to believe that your bathroom really has come directly from hell! What a pain in the rear for you guys...
    That first image is delish, it looks super serene!
    :) Flick

  8. Those rooms are seriously divine Millie....Take heart the BFH will be the best when it's time comes. In the mean time....Good Luck! xv

  9. I'll retreat into either of those rooms with you!

  10. Oh Millie, I am bringing you a very large G&T....and I don't care what time of the day it is!! Ugh, I can only imagine the mess :(

    Hang in there....almost there (I think!) :) xo

  11. Just can't imagine you as the Angry Purging Pixie, Millie! Hope things are more straightforward from now on.
    Clare x

  12. Ah Millie the joys of renovating! keep on going and retreat where you can for some much needed patience and calm. am with you in sympathy. keep that picture of what a beautiful bathroom it will be in the end! best wishes Cathyx

  13. I share your pain - we renovated, lived in a caravan (donted by parents - it is their SKI mobile), and had only a microwave in the laundry to heat food. Lite and Easy became a choice favourite. It was all worth the rubble, plaster dust and a 2 year old running around with screws in their mouth (actually that was the exception because I'm sure I aged 10 years thinking she was going to choke if I didn't have 24/7 surveillance on her).

    Reno's make us stronger, some say resilient. Either that or you find yourself wanting to knee cap any contactor that comes within a 5 metre radius.

  14. Oh Millie,

    These renovations never go smoothly do they?? I hear your frustration and me thinks you didn't take a breath the whole time you were telling us in your post!!! I'm right aren't I??!!! The end has to be near and then the pixie will be replaced with the calm Millie.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

    p.s. Glad to hear MOTH has impressed the doctors!!


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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