Friday, June 18, 2010

Millie & MOTH's Grand Adventure

After much discussion, MOTH & I have decided to use my Travel Voucher on a trip to the U.S. I've been receiving frequent emails from Bloomies & Saks, telling me they're missing me, so I need to do my bit & ensure their balance sheets remain in the black. We are looking at 3-4 weeks in Oct. & instead of the usual Syd-LA route, I reckon we should do Melb-San Fran this time. Then pick up a hire car & amble south along the coast, heading inland to the Napa as MOTH says we need to do some serious research on the current vintage of US Pinots. A couple of days in LA & then a flight to the East coast & a few days in New York, then a leisurely wander up to CT, NH & ME. MOTH is hoping to be in Boston for the Head of the Charles race this year on Oct. 23-24, so that probably means a double back to beautiful Boston, which is not a problem.

So that's the tentative Agenda we're working on. As map reading isn't my strong point, navigating for MOTH with his very short fuse, may mean we end up in New Mexico or Canada, but more likely the Divorce Court! Have a fabulous weekend.



  1. October in America is the BEST!!

  2. Now that sounds like a fabulous plan Millie! I'm sure you and MOTH will have lots of fun sorting out the details. Have a lovely weekend. Lee :)

  3. That sounds like an amazing trip Mills! I would truly love to see Napa, I always hear so much about it. Just keep an esky in the boot of the car with cold beers in it to cool MOTH down if he blows a fuse!
    :) Flick

  4. How exciting Millie!!
    That will be a beautiful time of year to be there too!

  5. This sounds like a fantastic trip, I don't even dare calculate how many blogging friends you could meet up with on a journey like that!

  6. Sounds very exciting Millie! I think FLick has the perfect solution for you! xx

  7. Oh Millie, it sounds wonderful....

    have a great weekend,


  8. Ooooo , sounds like a great itinery, Mill's. We have travelled a lot around the States and love it. It's a really beautiful country, isn't it and, I think, a little underated.
    I'd quite like to be a fly on the dashboard when you and MOTH are navigating your way around. I'm thinking that the air might get a little blue sometimes !!!! hehe. XXXX

  9. Did you say MAINE??? What can I do to help? Name it!

  10. I can see the makings of a documentary Millie - now that would be worth watching! Sounds fantastic, how exciting for you. Can't wait to see all the holiday snaps! K xx

  11. OooOOoooo sister of the mysterious - you will be so very close to Museville once in LA - after your fun in Napa, maybe we can cross paths in the city of Angels!

    I'm sorry I haven't been visiting - I've been wrestling with things far out of my control. :/

    xo Isa

  12. So excited for you, I don't know what to say. If the stars line up just right, we might be up north for 2 weeks at that time. You two will have a great time, or kill each other, maybe a little bit of both, that's ok because that's how we roll. One minute great time, spit second later, trying to kill the other. Good times. Love, Heidi

  13. Sounds absolutely wonderful Millie..and I look forward to your witty tales! We're hoping to take the kids to the US next year. I've never been so I'm beside myself with excitement! Have a lovely weekend..Rachaelxx

  14. Hi Millie,

    Oh what a grand trip that will be for you and Moth.
    I enjoyed my time in San Francisco and LA, many years ago.
    I look forward to hearing about and seeing photos please.

    Have a wonderful weekend

  15. Well if you make wrong turn into Arizona give me ring!!!
    I spent 11 years working for an antiques dealer in New England based in Boston & Maine so if you have any desires for non tourist Maine...let me know.
    This is my fave place to stay.

  16. San Francisco is a fun city. I have yet to visit Boston - it is on my someday list. Great trip plans.
    Just have Moth put in the new frig when the bath is done.

  17. Awesome itinerary. Too bad the country is so large you couldn't fit in a trip to TX. Fall is a wonderful time to be here. How perfect!

  18. about straight into SEATTLE??? oh would l love that... sounds like an incredible journey....
    napa is so beautiful... have you ever been??? i have some goood haunts for you there...
    happy weekend sweet friend.. xoxo

  19. I hear the east coast in the fall is divine! Sounds a lovely lovely trip. Thank you for your sweet words about my Liam and your visit. I have been crazy busy, but as the end of the school year has now come, I am a little more present.

    So excited to hear about your trip! Too bad you are not coming up to the San Juans, which are also quite lovely in the fall.


  20. Ooh sounds ominously like it might mirror my parents' recent sojourn to the USA for a wedding. Legend has it that my Mum KNEW which way to go, and navigated accordingly. Three hours later they discovered they were, ahem, 3 hours in the wrong direction from the Chicago wedding. But Millie I'm happy to report they are still married, though seem to have done a little more solo travel since then. :)

  21. Sounds like a great trip! If you do come out east, make sure to drop in and see Prince Edward Island.... in Canada!! Cheers, Susan

  22. hahaha
    no divorce for you guys!

    i think you have to make a cross country tour of it.

  23. Millie, that sounds fabulous. I hear the American economy could do with a boost, so it is your duty to help them out in any way you can;)

  24. That sounds like a wonderful holiday- v. jealous. *sigh* One day....

  25. Stumbled across your blog, can't remember how, doesn't matter, just love your banter. Look forward to hearing how your trip goes in Oct. Having spent more time in LA than any other state in the USA, I'd be spending less time there and more time in NYC.

  26. Very grand! You two will have a fabulous, fabulous time Millie! And of course, cannot wait to hear all about it. ; )

  27. exciting and looking forward to your october posts. please do share your research materials. it takes 6 months here in CA to get to the divorce court , so it is unlikely gonna happen! before you know, you will find yourself melting with moth's enchanting look and sweet voice. hope you have a great week...verbena cottage

  28. Oh Millie,

    You haven't posted yesterday or today, does this mean you are on your overseas trip already????? lol!!! All sounds exciting. Speaking of excitement, were you excited when you arrived home on Thursday night to your new bathroom??? Hope you don't leave us hanging too long, I can't take the suspense for too much longer!! Anyway, have a wonderful day today Millie.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie


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