Friday, June 4, 2010

Wintery Weekend

A freezing cold weekend is looming here in The Hills, so I'll be keeping close by the warm fire.

MOTH's requested lots of soup, & as I'm taking a luxurious 5 day weekend, there'll be plenty of time to head into the kitchen.

Hot chocolate & lattes will be plentiful, but minus the marshmallows & indulgent nibbles. The Leaping Lipids No-Fat Ever Again Diet is still going gang-busters. MOTH's looking very good on the outside, I'm just hoping his Serum Cholesterol levels have also 'slimmed' down.

And with nearly 3 out of 4 walls finished in the Bathroom-From-Hell, I'm hoping we can tick that job off as completed by Sunday night. I heard MOTH on the phone yesterday booking in Russell the Plumber to come & install all the gorgeous fittings before the ceiling goes in. That must have pleased Russell immensely & I'm sure a call to his Travel Agent is imminent. Another lovely holiday in the South of France with Mrs. Russell & the kids is now a reality. A happy weekend to you all!



  1. enjoy your long weekend, millie! pam

  2. Have a lovely 5 day weekend Millie. It does sound luxurious and it sounds like the perfect weekend to stay inside all rugged up and cosy! Enjoy. xx

  3. Millie ~ your wintry pictures would have gone so well with my theme thursday 'white' pictures today! They are beautiful!

    You have the bathroom-from-hell? I thought I did?! haha..actually, it's been fixed a bit. Now I still have the kitchen-from-hell...but will have to wait a few years for that renovation :)

  4. Oh that's fab, 5 day weekend! Enjoy yourself and stay warm...winter sure is here now!!

    Too funny about the holiday you paid for but will not be attending :o

  5. Happy 5 day weekend to you Millie - sounds like you've got grand plans. Lee :)

  6. Hi Millie
    It's exciting that the reno is now progessing so well I think when you see the pretties go in it gives you heart.
    This should be are last weekend hard at it we aim to put the furniture and trimmings back in the room on the long weekend.We'll still need to tinker but at least the room will be useable.
    So look forward to more photos.
    Kind Regards

  7. Sounds like a great weekend, Millie. Sitting by an open fire, hot chocolate in hand and a nice pile of magazines sounds like one of my ideal ways to spend a cold evening. Can't wait to see those gorgeous fittings!
    Clare x

  8. i would LOVE to be sitting with you and drinking that hot cocoa and eating those chocolate cookies...
    you are so dear to me millie... thank you for your lovely comment... xxxxxx pam

  9. Millie, here we are heading in to Summer and you are heading into Winter. It seems so wierd! Stay warm and cosy! Soup and hot chocolate would do the trick for me and that lovely warm blanket too!

  10. Oh, who cares if Russ and the kids are soaking up the sun on the Riviera, you'll have a beautiful new bathroom to luxuriate in. I know exactly how it feels to wait (forever in my case) for a completed bathroom reno, and I can tell you it's so nice to have it all finished. Can't wait for all the pics, and of course a blow-by-blow breakdown post by the infamous MOTH! Have a great looong weekend. K xx

  11. Hi Mill's,
    I actually do like the winter when you can sit by the fire with your hot choccy, and, I just LOVE a nice bowl of soup.
    MOTH's no-fat diet sounds as if it's doing him the world of good. Very healthy plus you get a lovely fit and trim MOTH. I really hope that his cholesterol levels are down next time he's checked.
    .....and, I bet you can't believe that you are on the home stretch with TBFH !! We have just had to have a new boiler, so I expect my plumber will be meeting yours in the South of France !!
    Enjoy your lovely long weekend, Mill's. XXXX

  12. Hi Millie, the first image in this post is absolutely gorgeous. It evokes warmth and style and all things nice. I have an old ladder with just one gorgeous scarf on it, it seems I have to add a few additions. Enjoy your break. Felicity

  13. Stay warm Millie and I will try and stay cool! I love your new blog look by the way - totally fab. Happy weekend, xv.

  14. I'm loving the leaping lizard no-fat forever diet comment .. I know this has nothing to do with houses or decorating .. but did make me laugh on this cold friday night (-:

  15. I will be over in a tick. Can you pop the kettle on and make me one of those hot choccy's with the pile of biscuits? I am trying to convince my son's to become junior Russell's.
    It's cold here too. We are about halfway between you and Melbourne brr.

  16. Wow Millie, I adore your wonderful winter pictures! Sending many many warm winter wishes your way for a lovely weekend. xx
    Your blog is lovely!!

  17. Hi Millie! A 5-day weekend sounds delightful. And just think- you can keep a good eye on MOTH and make sure he finishes the 4th wall! Stay warm!

  18. Have a wonderful long weekend! You earned it! Can't wait to hear if the bathroom is completed :)

  19. Warm cozy wishes headed your way. Happy weekend. Heidi

  20. Ah, a warm fire, hot soup, delicious hot chocolate and lattes, it all sounds utterly delightful. Have a lovely, long weekend Millie!

  21. Yes, winter is certainly here too. We have the first day of sunshine in over a fortnight so I will be soaking up some sunshine this morning while I can!

  22. i only WISH we have riveria maison!!!! we don'T!!!!!!!!!! I kills me!!! thanks for the comment. we're just now getting summer! yeah!!!

  23. As much as I despise being cold, you make it look so yummy! Fingers crossed on the final stages of the bath. Love to MOTH!
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    xo Lisa

  24. Sounds like the perfect weekend for you Millie.
    It looks like our weather is going to be much the same, has got cold and windy and we will be warming up with soup too.
    So glad to hear that the bathroom is progressing well.
    Enjoy your long weekend.


  25. a five day weekend? perfection. I did a four day weekend the other week - and whilst i shouldn't complain, it still so wasn't enough. I think a five day weekend should be law or something.... x

  26. A wonderful weekend... great foods by a warm fire... I love to indulge in the Winter. Too bad Moth won't get the sweets on the side, but it is very clear that he is getting lots of love from a doting wife. I hope your project is finito by Sunday and then we get to see the results of your hard labor. Enjoy your nice long weekend, Miss Millie.

    Hugs and Kisses

  27. Your pictures are stunning. Their simplicity makes me think you are from Japan. So simple. So elegant. Like a temple grounds with raked gravel to simulate the ocean.

    Impressive stuff.

  28. what about a warm bubble bath? luxurious and relaxing! have a great weekend! verbena cottage


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