Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Long Live The King

'MOTH, MOTH, Dr. Tony from the Medical Clinic here. What's the story, have you been unfaithful to me?'

'Who me Dr. Tony? What would make you think that.'

'Well, I've just got your latest blood test results back & they are too good to be true. I thought you must have got a prescription from another Dr. for statins & you've been gulping those down.'

'Geez Dr. Tony, I'm very offended that you think I'd do that to you. So tell me what the results are before Millie rips the phone from my hand.'

'Well, your Serum Cholesterol is 8.2mmol. down from 10.7mmol. which quite frankly, 3 months ago was incompatible to human life. And your HDL:LDL ratio has halved. What's happened, that's incredible.'

'It's the good lady wife Dr. Tony, she's designed this No Fat Ever Again diet & is making me stick to it & I've lost 11kgs. She reckons that if I keep on it, I might even get levels like normal people but I told her she's dreaming. '

'Well geez MOTH, I'm going straight out to the Waiting Room & ripping down the plaque with your name on it on the Highest Cholesterol Level Leader's Board. Oh & tell Millie to email me her diet regime, I need to drop a few points as well.'


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  1. That is FANTASTIC news Millie!!

    Well done MOTH....and well done Millie...behind every great man indeed there is a fabulous woman :)

    Great news!!! xoxo

  2. That is amazing. Who would have thought diet could make such a difference so quickly?

    Maybe MOTH should have some prawns sauteed in butter and garlic and some red wine and a nice big wedge of blue cheese to celebrate. ?

  3. Fabulous news - well done - keep him on track MIllie - I feel I am reading my very own life here as we are having this exact discussion as I read your post Millie - took Indi for immunisation at 4pm today and got Mr A's cholesterol test results while I was there and we had the same report! What would they do with out us Millie!! Leanne xx

  4. Congrats Dr Millie....i will be asking you for that diet regime too. xv

  5. Well done you two. While you're emailing it, Millie, why don't you just post it. We could probably all do with a few points or kilos less.

    Jennifer XX

  6. Congratulations MOTH AND Millie - well done - how are you celebrating these wonderful results?

    Millie - we all would love to have some of these recipes that drop the kgs - and chance of sharing some??

    Bye for now,
    Christine xo

  7. Bravo to MOTH!!! And to you too Miss M, as we all know he wouldn't/couldn't have done it without you!!

  8. Congratulations. I see a recipe book deal in the future as well as a book siging tour. Pioneer Woman could give some pointers for sure. Heidi

  9. this is absolutely wonderful Millie. congrats to you! see what a powerful woman can do?! This is a very good result in such a short time! No wonder doctor was surprised and overjoyed! i bet he wishes all his patients had you Millie for their diets! Cathyxx

  10. Well done Millie. Not only have you made us happy and Moth slimmer, you've also created medical history - Way to go!

  11. well done! you both must be feeling very pleased with yourselves!


  12. Yippee!! How cool is that?! Yeah for MOTH! :)

  13. Congratulation Millie and Moth!
    That is such fantastic news and you must be feeling so happy.
    I say it almost calls for a glass of champagne to celebrate.

    Happy July

  14. they say behind every man is a good woman and you've jus proved it - take all the credit!

  15. YAY!!!

    Yes, we want recipes - great work on both of your parts.
    I am the one who needs to drop a bit of cholesterol points at this household.

  16. Congratulations!!! Pretty good when you get kudos from the doc!

  17. Hooray, that is fantastic news! You must both feel so proud of yourselves! And relieved. Well done..Rachaelxx


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