Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Back To The Future

'Millie, Millie, come quick!'
'Where are you MOTH?'
'In the bathroom, hurry up!'
'So what's the problem?'
'Son #5 told me last week that he reckons I've shrunk, so I've just measured myself & I HAVE!!'
'Well, it was bound to happen MOTH after all you are 61 & in decline.'
'Geez, no need to be so brutal Millie.'

I actually loved hearing this statement from MOTH. At 6'5" (195cms.) he's 13" (33cms.) taller than me & I've struggled immensely with the height difference over the years. So I'm delighted that I'll be beginning my journey to the Nursing Home with MOTH minus that permanent crick in my neck, just like the lovely couple pictured above. However looking at them, I was immediately transported to our future, as I think MOTH & I are a younger version of them, the resemblance is spooky isn't it. What do you think??!!

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  1. Ohhh Millie~ You and MOTH are such an exquisate couple. I know that you will just get better with the years...and besides, you don't need to think about that for a long, long time.

  2. Nah, you two will be much more fabulous and eccentric I think! Can't wait for MOTH's tales from the nursing home - now there's a recipe for a best-seller if every I've seen one! K xx

  3. What a gorgeous couple you are Millie, and loved seeing the photo on your wedding day.
    I am sure that you will look just as wonderful in your golden years.
    That is years away!


  4. Squawk!!! Just take it easy on the white makeup when you get that old!

  5. I am relating to the "crik in my neck" comment being a foot shorter than my hubby. Just never felt too comfortable on the dance floor.
    What a good-looking couple you are!

  6. Millie you are the most darling couple, cute and perfect beyond!

    Art by Karena

  7. Well - yes - to be honest, at first glance I thought it might have been either your parents or Moth's Millie.
    Just a little less face powder maybe!

  8. I don't think you should start worrying yet will be looking up for some years to come... xv.

  9. Yes Yes definite likeness!
    Kind Regards

  10. Look how happy the older couple look - that is where I see the resemblance between them and you and MOTH. Hope he gives you lots of massages to make up for giving you a crick in the neck!
    Clare x

  11. see... her husband was obvioulsy once taller too as she has a permanent crick!
    Y'all are gorgeous now, and will be gorgeous then I'm sure!!!

  12. You are such a classic Mills! That is a beautiful photo of you and MOTH, 40 years down the track you could be similar to that other sweet couple.. except MOTH would be WAY taller!! (Sorry... crick in the neck might be permanent)
    :) Flick

  13. ah, 2 lovely couples there. millie, i have come to hardly notice the height difference between me and steve, 11 inches. i only notice it in photos when i'm standing on a step (he's not) and he's still a head taller than me! pam


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