Monday, June 28, 2010

My Biggest Loser

Good news from the dodgy bathroom of The Hedge this morning. MOTH hopped onto the scales for the first time in about 10 weeks & happy days, he's 11kgs. (24lbs.) lighter! It looks like the No Fat Ever Again Diet is actually working, so I'm delighted. To be truthful it's been a pain to do, researching no fat recipes, thinking in advance about evening meals, trying to maintain interesting & tasty food, locking up his beer supply etc. etc. However, he did say the other night that he hasn't missed the 'good' stuff as much as he thought he would. Although he did roll his eyes the other night when I introduced him to the 'wonderful' world of quinoa as a side dish!

He wandered off & had some fasting bloods taken early this morning, as I'm desperate to know if all this has achieved some lowering of his explosive Serum Cholesterol levels. He would like to be able to abdicate from his current position as record holder at the Medical Clinic. So we'll continue on our way down the Biggest Loser path & see what eventuates.

And as an aside, while keeping him company on this odyssey I've inadvertently lost 6kgs. (13lbs.) so it's not all bad!
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  1. Congratulations to both of you. I have a theory that when people lose weight it goes to someone else...and I think that someone is me! I think I may be needing a few tips from you and MOTH! But I won't be tacking a BFH any time soon though!

  2. Millie,
    I'm sure you're committment to MOTH's diet and MOTH for sticking to it!! will show in the blood tests that he is getting done. Excess weight, always a battle, much harder to come to terms with when you was the thickness of a knitting needle growing up, and could eat anything whenever....I'm afraid those days for me are gone (sob). Hope you let us know how MOTH went today. Enjoy the rest of it.
    Take care
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  3. That's fantastic Millie! Congrats to MOTH and yourself also. My husband has recently shed 12kg and I just know he feels so much better (even if it has meant making his own dinner for the past few months-lucky he loves to cook). Wishing I'd done what you did and kept him company, I could stand to lose 6kg.

  4. Congratulations you two. I'm proud of both of you. If you find anything that's super delicious, please post the recipe.

  5. Yes no fat is a real challenge, much harder than no meat or no dairy. I love French food and always have heaps of butter et al in my dishes. I guess you just have to go Italian and Thai.

    And as for quinoa I am with MOTH. What is with that stuff.


  6. Fantastic, what an achievement. It's very hard to be good all the time..Hope the bloods come back positive. Rachaelxx

  7. Oh Millie, to lose 6kg by accident is something that this former Dietitian can't even do! You are legends you two! A-M xx I agree with Kerry, some of it has come my way too... the meat pie for morning tea at the top of Kosciuszko probably didn't help me much this morning!... it had to be something hot... that's my excuse today.

  8. Go Moth! Can't complain about your side affect either can you?


  9. Congratulations on both doing so well! I hope the bloods come back with good results too...

  10. Oh well done to you both, Millie ~ I am so happy for you and what a great feeling it must be.
    We are doing the same, have been trying to knock out the glass or two of red wine during the week and to eat healthier.

    Have a great week

  11. Congrats to both of you on the losses!! I need to take a page from your books! xxoo

  12. That's amazing Millie! Well done you two. Lets hope the cholesterol is also a loser! xx

  13. Hey Mill's ..... that's brilliant.
    What a great result....all the searching for healthy recipes has certainly paid off. Mr. Home hasn't had an alcoholic drink since Christmas and has lost lots of weight. He's off to Le Man's next week with my brother-in-law so, I think that the alcohol drought might dry up !! ....although, he says that he hasn't missed it and doesn't really want to start again !
    Tell MOTH he's a star, and so are you, Mill's. XXXX

  14. Well done - to both (what a bonus!). My husband cut out sugar and he lost quite a bit of weight and feels much better for it.

  15. That's good going! Are there any killer recipes you should be sharing with us...?

  16. oh gee Millie
    Good for MOTH and good for you!!.. I've been on the no sugar no carb thing for a few weeks for insulin problem and lost 5 kgs.. was pretty chuffed with that... can't cut out fat also or I will be in a cardboard diet.. or maybe that would be considered carbs!! haha

    Keep up the good work MOTH!! and have a lovely week to both of you.. xxx Julie

  17. Nice job MOTH, a fantastic effort! Nothing like a great weigh in to get you motivated, and congrats to you for doing it with him, as it really shows your support! 6kg's without trying.. yes please! I do understand how tricky it can be though, to find tasty, substantial 'man' meals in the 'no fat' category!
    :) Flick

  18. good girl... i know it is not easy... but trust me, you will feel soooo much better. and then you can cheat every now and then... he he xx

    i will put the turq chest in the mail today!!!!

  19. how good to know that with the painful planning and execution of moth's meals, you got an unexpected benefit, millie. here's hoping moth's cholesterol levels are down. pam

  20. There is nothing like team work!! Fingers crossed for the results today.

    Well done to both of you Millie..I think a few new outfits will be in order for both of you!! Have fun :)


  21. Congratulations both of you. Now ...I'm hanging in there waiting for the book to come out on the tele. Surprise summer diet! HOW MILLIE LOST 6KG BY ACCIDENT. Any chance of getting a signed copy???

  22. Wow Millie, that is fantastic!!! Great news for MOTH, I hope it does have some effect on his cholesterol, fingers crossed!

    I haven't commented for some time, I have been without my laptop and my lovely iPhone just doesn't let me browse enough blogs, let alone comment!!

    Off to find out more of your news - love the new look blog though, tres chic! xoxo

  23. Wow, that's great! Yay for you both!

  24. Hi Millie, thats great news for MOTH & yourself!! There are a great range of cookbooks called "Symply too good" written by a QLD lady called Annette Sym, they are low fat, low GI & endorsed by diabetes Aust & the heart foundationThey have a great range of recipes & tips for all occasions. Hope these help!!


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