Thursday, June 10, 2010

Ice Queen

MOTH has a total aversion to pale blue paint. He will not, under any circumstances entertain the colour. When queried by his pyschotherapist Dr. Millie, he mutters something about it being cold, icy, unforgiving & unwelcoming (whatever that means!). So today I'm just going to have to fly under MOTH's radar with this scrumptious image.

Image: Trent Bell



  1. Oh Mill's,
    you are posting so quickly lately that I can't catch up.
    I LOVED your last one....wherever you got the AFTER photo from was genius !! That nursing home that you are both going to will be the most wonderful source of posts...the sad thing is, we will be in there before you !!
    I can remember my Dad saying all of those things about blue paint that MOTH says......tell him that times have changed somewhat and there are now so many shades of blue paint that those particular points are now null and void !!
    Show MOTH that beautiful room and he cannot fail to be impressed. It is beautiful. XXXX

  2. I love pale blue walls, in fact I was I just painted it in a bedroom- so soothing!

  3. Positively stunning room! Not at all icey!!

  4. I think it beautiful! I want that room! ha.

  5. i love the pale blues- but only JUST RIGHT.

  6. I love the colour and think the room is beautiful.

  7. Blue can look very cold, but it's always pretty. Love this room!

  8. Ohhh Millie, I love this pic, where did you get it from? I have a blue hue in my living room, can't think of a colour to change it too... but love the picture frame moulding and would like to show my husband to add to his many weekend jobs. Please feel free to let me know, I would greatly appreciate that.
    Cheers. Angie

  9. You know, the middle of a freezing South Australian winter is probably the worst time to get MOTH to consider icy blues - wait until you get a sweltering heat wave and ask again! Otherwise, wait until he's as old as the bloke in your last post, and tell him it's his favourite colour! K xx

  10. Ah - utterly feminine! Thanks for sharing Millie; I needed this today.

  11. I, personally, think ice blue is perfection!!!


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