Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Good Things Happen To Nice People

I've just heard that an interstate Sales Rep. from one of my competitors won $5m. in Lotto last week. She's been in the job for years, has worked really hard & isn't far from retirement, so this is wonderful news! As my industry is small & everyone knows everyone, we're all really delighted for her. I've had this little gem of an image tucked away in my file for ages, so I reckon this post is made for it. Just in case she wants to install a Home Theatre this simple little number will be perfect!

Big celebrations in our lane yesterday, as our lovely neighbour John was awarded an Order of Australia Medal in the Queen's Birthday Honours List. He's a builder, so as you can imagine MOTH's confidence in receiving a gong has sky-rocketed! 'Arise Sir MOTH' - yeah sure!
Along with his sweet wife, we couldn't ask for nicer, kinder neighbours. Congratulations dear John!

Images: 1 David Marlow 2. Heritage Medals



  1. How wonderful to win big! And so close to help make retirement that much more merry! And a huge congratulations to your neighbor~ a well deserved celebration I hope.

  2. What a true statement, and so glad to hear of it in real life! Congratulations to your friends. I wonder what sort of movies you'd have to watch in that theatre! Not a DVD of the MOTH working on the BFH I imagine. The mind boggles.

  3. See this is good to hear. So often I wonder if the big winners go nuts like on that TLC show or realize their blessing & share it with others.

  4. ooo now I am going to play my favorite imaginary game "what would I do if I had 5 million dollars"....................

  5. Arise Sir MOTH, hilarious ... that is fabulous for your friend and neighbour and how wonderful for that hard working lady to win..wow!

  6. You're right Millie..One of my favourite Emerson quotes is "Nature magically suits a man to his fortunes, by making them the fruit of his character". Congratulations to your friends..Rachaelxx

  7. Congrats to MOTH. That is just wonderful! Wow!

  8. I have never met or known anyone who has won, I am pleased to hear you know of someone and she is 'deserving' that is really great.

    And pretty cool about your neighbour too. My husband gets very angry about the sportspeople getting AMs and AOs ('why should they get that for something they are paid to do anyway') so I always love it when the more silent or less well known people get these honours. xoxo

  9. Wow, that is stunningly good news!

  10. wow.
    verrrry fancy!

    and congratz to the lotto winner.

  11. Hi Millie,

    I love to hear good news stories.
    Congratulations to your friends and glad that deserving people have been rewarded.

    I hope that you are having a great week

  12. Oh how I LOVE good news. Happy life to both your friends...rich rewards in so many ways. A-M xx

  13. Sir MOTH... well.. we will be waiting for that one.. I'm sure he'll want his own blog then!! Well how fantastic to hear of your friend's win... good to hear someone deserving has lucked out!! and your neighbour John.. well that is just wonderful... good news all round.. Hope you week is just as good.. xx Julie

  14. Dear Mill's,
    What a treat to hear good news.They are both rich in completely different ways.
    Love the cinema....I think that I will copy it in the shed at the bottom of the garden !! hehe.
    I can just see MOTH at Buckingham Palace, down on bended knee with his builder's bum on show !!!!

  15. Lovely (and loving) post. Thank you.

  16. If she were to install that wonderful home theatre, we could all send her heart-rending footage of ourselves appealing for enough money to buy a new sofa.


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