Thursday, June 3, 2010

Future Plans

There is lots to love about this sweet kitchen. My own kitchen longings have been suppressed for some time, but I felt a twinge of excitement over the weekend. MOTH emerged from the Bathroom-From-Hell (which is coming along beautifully) & asked me to dig out the plans for the kitchen/laundry renovation. Locked away in a very small room precision tiling on less-than-straight walls, has provided him with much thinking time. He's decided to change a couple of aspects of the plan & so wanted to run them past his Project Manager. I'm not totally convinced, so I told him to go away & come back with some additional drawings, as I'm struggling to visualize his complicated explanations.

I loved reading all your comments from yesterday's post. The jury's still out about getting that certain son to do a guest post. However, he writes like a professional, so chances are permission will be granted. When I tentatively broached the subject with him last night he said 'No worries Mum, I've got plenty more stories like that.' Why does that not surprise me at all!!

Images: Gemma Comas



  1. Millie,

    I'm been out of the blogging loop for vacation - it's been so fun catching up on all of the beautiful images you've posted.

    Oh my, to get to redo my kitchen - that would be a dream come true. I hope you are getting closer to reality with this project.

    It will be interesting to read a blog from your son - I'll be watching. Rita

  2. What a happy kitchen! Can't wait to see what MOTH has come up with!

  3. Hi Millie,

    So glad that the bathroom is progressing nicely, and just goes to show, that things sometimes take a while, but they are worth it.
    Oh and yeah for the redo of the kitchen.

    Enjoy your Thursday

  4. Classic! Love your sons work - 'ive got plenty of stories like that' - tell the boy to start his own blog!
    Gorgeous kitchen and can't wait to see the bathroom.

    Um, it is sooo cold here down on the plains, I can only imagine what it is like up in the hills at the moment, at 7:30 this morning walking through the central markets to work the temp thing said 5oC - what the?! x

  5. the photos are a great insperation!! Good luck to you.
    Remodeling can be lots of stress...just dream of the end

  6. Congrats on the bathroom! I hope you are able to redo the kitchen.. esp if it looks like these :)


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