Thursday, December 17, 2009

Chair Love + Thanks

I'm a shocker when it comes to pillows on chairs & sofas. Not only do I want them for the extra pizzaz they add to a room, I need them desperately for behind my back. I drive everyone mad as I flop down in the seat. At least a further 3-5 minutes of wriggling, plumping, fussing, arranging & finally sighing, goes on before I truly settle down. These beautiful chairs come from Pimpernel & Partners in London. Yes, they are a blank canvas sans pillows, but just imagine how they'd look with some beauties of your choice. Their shapes are gorgeous & each tells its own story - so do tell us which shape turns your head & what pillows you'd add to make it truly your own. P.S. Because I love a bedroom chair, the ever-so pretty Capucine has my vote.

The Malplaquet (a gentleman's armchair in the Georgian style)

The Pakefield Wingback (a replica from the first decade of the 20th century capturing a ‘no-nonsense’ simplicity)

The Capucine (named after the similarity of its shape to a nun’s veil)

The Combray (robust & roomy replica of a 19th century French chair, with a chapeau de gendarme shaped back)

The Percy (named after the Pimpernel himself, this 1940s French replica is a low, very comfortable, country chair)

The Scroll-Back (a replica of a French early 19th Century chair of the Napoleonic age - delicate and a little raffish)

One of the loveliest things about Blogging is that someone else thinks you worthy of a special treat. I was thrilled to receive these Awards recently - thank you so much to each of the Treaters, you really made this Treatee's day!

Marina at Iced Vo-Vo's is an Aussie girl living in London with her family. Her very stylish & fun posts are a must read. Her shopping gene is in excellent working order & we get to see the results. Thank you Marina for my 5 Diamonds Award!

If you haven't made your acquaintance with the gorgeous Carolyn over at Little Bear Studio, then stop reading this & head over pronto. A more caring, beautiful person you won't find. Yes, she's a Kiwi (I forgave her long ago!), but her delightful posts always leave you wanting more. Thank you dear Carolyn for my Gorgeous Award!

Rosa over at Un Peu Plus Jolie posts the loveliest images of her home & family. A gentle & spiritual soul, she uses her carefully crafted pieces to add beauty to her home in the most wonderful way. Thank you Rosa for my Ooh La La Award!

Chair images: Pimpernel & Partners


  1. I love all of the chairs, but the whole time I was reading this post I couldn't help thinking of MOTH out cold in a spare room on an I.V. drip until Christmas is over. Funny. If he is awake maybe he should take a look at Pink's video and be thankful that he doesn't have to work at the animal shelter this Christmas. Loads of Love, Heidi

  2. Well, Mill's, I love The Percy and The Scroll Back. I would buy some grain sack pillows for them, as I am SO into them at the moment. Nice to know that I can buy these chairs in London too.
    Well done on your awards. I can't think of a better blog or nicer person to receive them.
    Just a little foot (!) note.....has MOTH read your last post and the comments that were made ? Hoping that he has snapped out of it !!!! XXXX

  3. Beautiful chairs!
    Regarding MOTH, perhaps he is now just playing the role of Scrooge? Kinda liking all the attention he's gettin'?
    It might be an idea to ignore him...maybe one Christmas you do simply nothing, no prepping, and plan out loud your trip to the SPA!!! AND DO IT!

    ;D, He is welcome anytime to a dose of holiday cheer!
    Your Xmas radical - Victoria,
    who is happy for you stopping by!

  4. Fabulous chairs! My fave would have to be the Capucine. Tres chic.

  5. Oh, I loved the showcase of chairs. I go for the Combray or Percy, because I think my toes might actually touch the floor. A back pillow would be a must - useful as well as ornamental reasons.

  6. Millie,

    Love the chairs. Thanks for the source. Hope all is well.

    Ragland Hill Social

  7. I love a good chair! They are all so beautiful I cannot choose a favourite. Well done on all your awards always a delight to stop by your place Millie! Ax

  8. Gosh it was hard picking a favorite chair, just gorgeous the lot of them.

    I'm the same with having cushions and getting comfortable.

    re comment, that was so funny, I was scared just posting them, felt like they may stick a stiletto in my eye.

  9. Scroll Back for me Millie, and like you I do tend to overdo it on the pillows! I love them. Congratulations on your awards. Well deserved!

  10. Millie , "Happy Holidays", heres to wishing you some great blogging in 2010! Enjoy and have a great Holiday with your family...Julie in Holland :)....

  11. The capucine is wonderful...and I will take it in white thanks!
    Congratulations on your awards, you are a great blogger Miss Millie.
    Ness xx

  12. The Capucine for me too, for its graceful curves, but I do like them all for their elegant simplicity and scope for adding coloured cushions. I'd have to give up red wine, I guess.

  13. Oops I was about to comment on ole misery MOTH, and this one popped up. Some gorgeous chairs here, you do need to do a lot of wriggling about in them to find which is just the most perfect one. (see below re MOTH)

  14. They are all great! It would be hard to pick just one. I'm envisioning a fabulous dining table with each of these chairs around it.

  15. You deserve every one of those awards!
    Now onto those gorgeous chairs....
    Love them all! I'd have a hard time choosing which one to get.
    Hope the shopping went well. I don't know how you get gifts for all of those boys.
    Happy Holidays Millie.
    Thank you for putting a smile on my face for the last challenging year my dear.


  16. hello my dear, hope you are well and not collasping under the christmas craziness....

    I love Pimpernell one of my fav shops in London - I have a few treasures from there over the years - they do alot of great vintage stuff. I have always wanted one of the chairs though - heaven!

    have a great chrissie - V xx


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