Monday, December 7, 2009

I Can't Be 400!

(Fast forward to 2084. The world's oldest female blogger Millie from South Australia turned 128 this year. Her 5 unmarried sons aged 98-105 who all live at home, said that their Mother was always blogging & was becoming increasingly aggressive when asked to relinquish her chair at the computer. Millie's 138 year old husband MOTH, declined to comment other than to say that by his calculations, his wife's refusal to use Ad Sense on her blog has cost him approx. $127m. over the 76 years her blog has been active. He is considering legal action.)

Blogger tells me this morning that I'm 400 - well back at ya Blogger, I don't feel a day over 53! Actually all I feel is a huge sense of embarrassment, that I've gone on & on & on mostly about nothing, occasionally about something & on that very rare occasion, there's been an accidental winner (that was the day the poor old Washington Post accidentally stumbled into The Hedge by mistake, thinking it was some swankie swisho design blog thingie!). I bet they wish they could rewind that tape! From my very first post in May '08 I knew I'd found something that was going to add something really special to my life & by golly IT HAS!

So to all my lovely Hedgies, delightful new chums & the dearest of old friends, thank you from the bottom of my heart for EVERYTHING that you add to my life. Visiting your blogs is such a treat - all the beauty, wisdom, humour & fun that each of you create every day is so awesome! This year life has chucked a couple of unexpected 'challenges' at me & your support & friendship has helped me through those times in ways you'll never know. Each time I hit New Post, I still get that little tingle of excitement, & while I'm still tingling, The Hedge will continue to amble/lurch forward. MOTH often asks me how I can find something new to post on each day. A rather silly question really - if only he knew!!

P.S. Pics of Saturday's wedding tomorrow.

Image: UZ Daily


  1. I dunno Millie - It could be you but then... nope! It's the head scarf. I can tell by your writing that you wouldn't wear a headscarf that colour with the gorgeous toenail polish you use ;-) Congratulations on your 400th and ...maybe you should start using adsense LOLOLOLOLOL!!

  2. You've got me laughing again Millie! You and your blogging add so much to our lives! Can't wait to see the wedding pics tomorrow... xoxo

  3. You look pretty darn good for your age Millie ;) xv

  4. Goodness me. 400. I am very impressed. I always look forward to your musings, from design all the way to MOTH. And I love that woman's face. She looks like a walnut. I want to look like that when I am old, headscarf and all. xoxo

  5. Congratulations on your 400th post, dear Millie. Love this old Lady with her wizened face and head scarf, just gorgeous.
    Your blog is one of my favourites, I love to see what wonderful things you have to share with us.
    Looking forward to the next 400!

    Have a happy week

  6. Ah! AH! Ah! Hi! hi! Hi!
    No! it's not a silent laugh!!! it's a HUGE NOISY laugh you brought today! What a way to end my weekend!!!
    Happy 400!!! Can't wait to see what you'll be up to when you turn 800!!!!!!!!
    Happy new week Millie!

  7. Happy 400th, lookin' good! Keep up the good work.

  8. I enjoy your blog so much, you feel like my bloggy mother that I never had. Somedays I turn on my computer only to see what you posted or if you left a comment. Looking forward for the next 400. Love ya, Heidi

  9. Wow MIllie 400!!
    You're such a star of the blogworld.. always amusing us in new and inventive ways... So glad you took pity on this blogger when she was a newbie... your humour has kept me going this year!!

    Have fun... xxx Julie

  10. Hi Millie,

    You have given me a great laugh to start the day with!! Always a great thing.....Looking at the photo of the old lady (bless her heart)makes you want to run and whip out the moisurizer!!!! Have a wonderful day today. Will call in again tomorrow to see the wedding photo's!!!!

    N.W Coast Tassie

  11. Silly me Millie,
    Forgot the most important bit, CONGRATULATIONS on your 400th, here's to the next 400. Too busy laughing too loudly. Nobody is here to hear me.
    Bye for now
    N.W. Coast Tassie

  12. Congratulations Millie....400 is fantastic :)

    Love each and every one of your posts....who can forget the 80's post the other month....fabulous!

    Here's to the next 400 :)

    Simone xo

  13. I cannot believe that you hold down an important job and work so hard, have 5 sons and a MOTH to look after AND you've clocked up 400 posts, Mill's.....I find that a pretty brilliant achievement so, Hi Five to you and I'll drink a toast to you later !!You are so good at this blogging lark and I always look forward to your posts, as you have such a natural sense of humour.
    Here's to the next 400 .... I'm so glad that I found you. Lots of love. XXXX

  14. The years have been good to you Millie. May you have many, many more. MOTH must be like a comfortable shoe now. I can always count on you- Have a wonderful day, night, evening- I'm never quite sure of the time difference between here and there.

  15. So glad you're here - and perfectly timeless.

  16. Congrats Millie, that is a lot of posts! Thank you so much your lovely comment, you really brightened my day. I always feel so nostalgic when I read your blog, I do miss the Adelaide hills, as I lived there as a child, so it is really great to see a bit of it through you!
    Have an amazing day :)

  17. Bloggings definitley made you wiser but more so its made Moth wiser and us readers. Fantastic blog Millie, what a way to start Monday morning with a good bellie laugh!

  18. You are hilarious! I sure hope your kids are still living at home at that age! And if blogging makes us all live that long, then more power to us, I say! :)
    Happy 400!

  19. Well, here's to The Washington Post and dear old Blogger! I'm showing the Ad Sense thing to WT, who's always asking about it. ;^)

    Happy 400 and best wishes for 400 more.

  20. The best thing about you Millie is that you have shown the rest of the world the stange and warped Aussie sense of humour through your posts and your blog and what is so brilliant to see is that so many bloggers have the same sense of humour as we do.

    Keep laughing!!

    Keep posting so that we can keep laughing!

    and congratulations on your 400th post.

    xxx Coty

  21. Is that really you, it must be living with that MOTH that keeps you so bee-yoo-ti-ful. 400 is impressive,keep it coming girl. xx

  22. I just love your daily fix ... HAPPY 400!!
    ... and to many, many more!

  23. Honestly Millie, you don't look a day over 300! How do you keep the spring in your step?!? Congratulations on turning 400. Here's cheers to 400 more! Lee :)

  24. I can't imagine getting so many more wrinkles than I already got.

  25. It is always such a joy to visit the Hedge. Blog world without you but be unthinkable! Keep up the awesome work - we think you are fantastic.
    Clare x

  26. Oh Millie, you are amazing - you continue to entertain at every post - here's to another 400!
    All the best, Christine

  27. millie,
    first of all........
    i am hysterical. too funny!!

    i am with you all the way, i feel that nervousness in my stomach when i hit 'publish' as well.

    and you have added 'all good' to my life.

    keep doing what you are doing....
    and you will keep getting what you are getting!

    it is all good,
    love youxxxx

  28. Oh Millie - I love checking in everyday to see what's happening at the Hedge. You are the best!!!

  29. I can not stop laughing
    this is great,
    I am
    the new hag on the block

  30. hehehe I love your blurb under the photo! Just stumble accross your blog - the wedding looked lovely.

  31. I know that it makes my day a little brighter to tune into your life, your wit and wisdom. You have a gift, please keep sharing it with us!

  32. Happy 400 Miss Millie, you're lookin' Marvelous!!


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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