Thursday, December 3, 2009

Game, Set & Match?

As some of you are aware, when we bought our 'Renovators Delight' nearly 4 years ago, we also 'won' a disused clay tennis court at the bottom of our garden as part of the deal. Currently MOTH uses the space as his Blokes Therapy Space - think wood piles of different degrees of readiness for our Winter fire, big vegie patches all in containers, the Christmas Lillies in their pots, etc. Although it's surrounded by very big old trees, it's actually the sunniest area on our entire property, so it's quite a drawcard.

I've always thought I'd like to restore it to it's original use like the wonderful Tennis Court in the first image. Then I saw this fabulous Petanque Court & changed my mind instantly. The boys play a mean game of Bocce, so I guess I could convert them to the more refined French game fairly easily. They would just have to yell in more hushed & restrained tones!

Then I saw this stunner from the Architectural firm of Brooks & Falotico & those 2 ideas went out the window! I want this beauty built & built quickly - the perfect Millie retreat to escape the grumpy Christmas Grinch! I could install a Boom Gate on the path coming down from the house & that certain Grinch would be barred.

Looking at our poor neglected court from the path that meanders through the garden down from the house.
This space is just crying out 'Build on me, build on me!'
Image 1: Allan Greenberg. Image 2: Granoff Architects. Images 3, 4 & 5: Brooks & Falotico


  1. A Millie retreat sounds like a fabulous idea. You are very fortunate to have the space to imagine such a prospect!

  2. We love Bocce in our house. I was going to make reference to the fact that you already have quite a lot of balls in your house this Christmas, and did you really want more....but that would have been crude. Still, it's a terrific game and if you have the space you should get that clever landscaping son of yours on to it quick smart. Meredy xo.

  3. What a great space and some great ideas. I love bocce - so much fun but I think a retreat would get so much more use.

  4. A Millie MINI-Mansion. What a great idea.
    BUT don't get MOTH to build it, leave him to the bathroom.
    Maybe don't mention it till the Footy season starts again and he wants to fly to Melbourne to see the D's um er win?
    Yes good timing often defines the outcome.
    Janezworld Jane

  5. I was already to say "go for the tennis court!" but after seeing that photo of the beautiful retreat, I changed my mind! It's so bright, cheery and filled with gorgeous furnishings. You made the right choice!

  6. I'm sure you will eventually have something stunning built here, but in the meantime those lillies are pretty amazing looking, all ready to burst into their Christmas finery.

  7. Well it could be the perfect retreat from King Grumpy, but you might get lonely there all by yourself. I think the petanque court sounds just lovely myself, with maybe room for a little Millie retreat!

  8. Oh Millie - I think the summer house would have to win...that really looks like a 'girls only' space to me (especially with all that white furniture you would want to put in it - you know what blokes + white furniture = right?!) Just you & the Christmas Lillies soaking up the sun! Bliss!!
    I was really interested to hear about our likeness - you'll have to post a pic so I can see!! Love Susie x

  9. Now you're talking!

    That retreat is just the thing you need right now!
    I can see it clearly ... you lying back in a chaise longue, champagne in hand ... you and your girlfriends enjoying a good old laugh ... mini facials, manicure and pedis ...
    Just add it to the list ... you never know, The Grinch might surprise you!

  10. They're all fantastic! But I'm tending towards bocce!
    They all remind me of Kingsbrook... go for a Sunday Drive if you haven't been already

    It won't disappoint!

  11. So many fabulous options...the glasshouse would be perfect! Tracey xx

  12. If I had that gorgeous building on my property I would move out of the house! I for one-think it's a great idea...start interviewing contractors!

  13. Yes, yes, far more fun (for you) than petanque! Or perhaps a compromise...petanque and a little shelter for you to lounge in while watching the games?

  14. Oh, I'm not sure, Mill''s a big desicion .
    I think that it's wonderful, just to have that amazing space. I think that it needs a great deal of thought with deep and meaningful chats with MOTH. I'm afraid that I have a soft spot for MOTH and think that he should have some imput !!!! XXXX

  15. I would very much like the glass retreat at our house too. You've chosen wisely ; ) xoxoTrina

  16. You reckon the French are more discreet in their pétanque yells?? You haven't seen my husband who was born with 'boules' on the brain!! All of a sudden, suits and other civilised brands of the male species get a couple of pastis into them (My husband's friends have developed the 'fontaine miraculeuse' made out of an old bonbonnière with a wee powered fan inside to get just the right mix of pastis/water) and life becomes serious. Properties have been lost and found, and entire families ripped apart within a single afternoon of BOULES ;-) I personally wear ear plugs now. GO FOR THE RETREAT while it's not too late ;-)))))

  17. The summer house is wonderful and would be my first choice. Imagine an artist studio in there!! The view and light would be fantastic. Your property looks like the perfect setting for a little haven of your own. You certainly have the right idea!

  18. Ah,, more of that glorious white! Now, where did I put my paintbrush?

  19. Oh Millie a little Summer house just for you sounds idyllic, where you can write and a place you can retreat to.



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