Thursday, December 10, 2009

Doctor's Orders

Hey Millie
Jonny here. Your Dr. tells me you're not too happy at the moment. You can't get out & exercise because you've busted your foot. Well would it help any if I gave you some gentle one-on-one rehab? We won't overdo it I promise. Remember when I did my knee a couple of years ago playing for England? I would never have made it through the operation without you, so it's only fair I return the favour.

I thought we could head to the beach first. Don't worry, I'll carry you down onto the sand. I know how weighty & uncomfortable that nasty old cast is.

You just stumble along anyway you can. I'll be right with you, every step of the way.

Excuse me for one moment while I take off my hoodie.

'Cos I thought we could head off to the park for a bit of a slow shuffle. I'll pace myself to make sure you are OK.

Then we'll just toss the ball around for a bit. This will make sure you keep your upper body strong so you can still give that MOTH of yours a biff when he needs it.

Oh I'm so proud of you! You've done really, really well.

So well in fact, that if you give me a minute I'll slip into something a little smarter.

And take you out for a lovely, long lunch!

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  1. Oh my. Oooh, my. Yes Millie, you are overdue for a complete workout. I am too, now that I think about it!

  2. Oh good grief Millie, what are you doing to us!!!!!??

    Being a to-the-death Wales rugby supporter, I could no more support England at rugby than I could walk naked across the Sydney Harbour Bridge.....BUT all my principles, morals and everything else go right out the window when I see the yummy Jonny Wilkinson....YUMMO!!! I might just make an exception for him.

    Is that really him with the bare behind...Jonny, I thought you were the shy retiring type!!?

    My ankles are feeling awfully today after a whole day's Christmas shopping, any chance I could have a quick word with Jonny?

    Thank you for a little evening treat Millie, you really made me giggle ;) xo

  3. Millie,
    Your personal trainer is beautiful and so very kind. I know you must be feeling better already!

  4. Hubba Hubba!

    I'll have what she's having

  5. 'You're terrible Millie', I love it!! I could become a gym junky if my trainer looked like that. YUM!

  6. I wish my doctor gave such delicious 'prescriptions.' ; ) xoTrina

  7. Oh Millie! You are so funny! I have actually met him in real life - I actually sold him a pair of shoes when I was living in Bath in England many moons ago! I don't think I spoke through the whole shoe fitting and subsequent sale!
    A met him again when he came out to Australia for one of the games a few years ago, a friend had married an English Rugby player and had come out to Aus to visit her family whilst the team was on tour. She invited us out to the after game party, and I saw Johnny across the room. "yoohoo, Johnny, remember me???? You bought shoes from me about 10 years ago?" Some how, I don't think so!!! :)


  8. 100% Beef Cake, Man Candy, Stud Muffin. Nice post. Heidi

  9. Can't write for laughing fit to kill myself! You're priceless. Oh how Aussie humour is sadly missed in la France!! ;-)

  10. Kept me laughing all the way through! I'm a little envious too!

  11. Oh Mill's, I hate to tell you this but,Jonny says that to all the girls. He's always promising to come round to my place and show me his pec's and I have to keep reminding him that I'm married..... you might be special though, as you've got a lot in common with your plaster casts !! Could we possibly see a photo of you both together ? hehe. XXXX

  12. How hilarious. I have actually just got a Personal Trainer and without exception the first question I am asked by females is 'is he good looking'?. In fact I wouldn't want him to be. I couldn't concentrate on my triceps if he looked like Jonny. And I am shocked by the nudie shot! xoxo

  13. you know it's always best to work out in a group... moral support and all. i'll be on the next plane... wait for me. pam

  14. Well, Mills.......
    this made me smile!!
    Good luck with that work out!

  15. I would just like to add, "Oh, my." Did I mention that?


  16. Dear Mills and Boon,

    What happened after lunch?

    xx Coty

  17. Millie how funny are you! I am giggling away here to myself as I imagine you, the cast and Jonny. Love how you're just 'out of picture'!!

  18. You always make my day!!! love it and him too!

  19. Be still my heart . . . I think I feel a fever coming on. xxoo

  20. Heeeeellllooo! Well if anyone deserves him as their trainer, it would be you lugging that cast around! Thanks for the giggles, and sweet dreams everyone! Hehe :)

  21. Um. Oh. My. Goodness. Just when i was almost out of the 320 step rehab process of ridding myself of my obsession of this stunning gentleman and you do this to me!!! meh, I'll never be reformed, and I'm not sure that bothers me at all! x

  22. Millie -you tease!
    thanks for coming by and saying hi -missed you,

  23. uhhhhh...
    you are killing me with this!!!

    lol xxx

  24. Oh sweet Millie ... you always make me smile.
    I hope that you can have a good dose of Jonny and that it won't be long before you are cast free!

    Happy weekend

  25. Thank you Millie, let me know when the workouts are over so i can book him! He would be a very merry christmas for me. MB


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