Wednesday, December 16, 2009

You're Feeling Sleepy.....

Just breathe deeply now MOTH, you'll feel yourself drifting off to sleep very soon.

Now I'm just going to give you some of this.....

.....and a lot of this.
......and in 3 weeks time you'll wake up & not remember a thing about Christmas. What was that you said, you don't want to go to sleep? Well it's like this Buddy- YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!!!!

Yes, MOTH has worked himself into an absolute frenzy & his morbid dislike of all things Christmas has hit an all-time high. So help me, after a massive blow-up last night, I just want to put him into suspended animation & get on with it without 'Ol Misery Guts. Interestingly, the only Festive things he's had to do is purchase one gift (which he did on-line in 2 mins.), attend 3 Christmas parties where it looked to me like he was having a pretty good time & be wined & dined for free by my Company. The rest of the Christmas To-Do list (all 250 + items) is up to me to do - busted foot, cast, working up until 5p.m. Christmas Eve & all!! Give me strength.


  1. STOP,
    Smell the roses,
    everything will be there tomorrow.

    Take it easy..

    First visit..

  2. Oh tell him to do watch the youtube ronnie johns and harden the ..... up. That clip is naughty but hilarious.

    Good luck honey,

  3. STOP and breathe!! Make sure to take care of you. Baby steps. :)


  4. Oh Millie
    I'm sure it will all come together on Christmas Day ... just keep asking for help ... and keep breathing!!!

    I hope you don't get too stressed over this ... like most of us do ... mind you, but you need to take it easy, especially with that busted foot ... otherwise you wont be much fun either!
    Happy holidays and looking forward to reading more of your gorgeous posts in the New Year.
    hugs and xxxx

  5. It is a crazy ridiculous time of year...Do what my Mum does - invest in ear plugs. My Dad can go on and on (thinking what a good listener she is), while my Mum is blissfully unaware of his latest rant. Seriously, it works!

  6. I must say MOTH seems to be giving good old Ebenezer Scrooge a run for his money in the joy-of-Christmas stakes. Chin up Millie you can do this! Leigh

  7. Oh Mill's, my soft spot for MOTH has diminished to a pin prick (!!)regarding the festive season. I really didn't expect this of him. Does he have any good reason for not liking christmas ? Did something happen to him as a child, that has given him this Scrooge-like quality, and is he always like this ? Perhaps he will perk up in a few days....did I hear you say '...and pigs might fly' ?
    I expect that you have something up your sleeve to pull him out of the doldrums. All the best Mill's. XXXX

  8. I can just see MOTH at those parties.... partying up a storm and then suddenly remembering to frown when in your sight. It's all an act Mills. Don't fall for it. MOTH you are soooo going to need to work on your sucking up skills. A-M xx PS Hope your foot is feeling a bit better.

  9. My DH has been walking around humming Christmas songs for weeks now. Let's give and take a bit of each other's most dearest qualities shall we? Sounds like a pretty good trade-off to me.
    One little step at a time- and don't raise the bar too high. Drink plenty of wine...

  10. Hi Millie...I had to call my DH to read this...he said MOTH'S present should be easy enough...Grumpy Old Men LOL!!! Funnily enough my DH loves this movie...and at times it fits the bill nicely!!!
    Meanwhile...take care...especially with that cast can't be easy for you...Thinking of you...Dzintra♥x

  11. Yes you know things are seriously askew when you can count on ONE HAND what he has to do and you would need to be a millipede (ha!) to count up all your tasks. I do it too. In the shower, with a reasonable amount of bitterness. And when they say just relax, I get Even Tenser....xoxo

  12. Wow. Are you sure you aren't married to Steve?
    He is all "Bah Humbug!" Mr Scrooge. I think we should celebrate together next year and put them both to sleep!


  13. I recall the same problem last year minus the bunged up foot??

    I hope you will find all the strength and luck required in dealing with your Grinch :) Take care of that foot!

  14. Oh Boy, can I relate Millie. My MONT is starting to GET. ON. MY. NERVES!

    One shopping trip that lasted 35 minutes and he's still complaining.
    Give me strength. Have another drink. I am.

  15. yikes -that is alot to do, especially with Moth knocked out cold, hehe.
    Happy Holidays!


  16. Oh Millie, it is a stressful time.
    My husband is stressed out, with work - everyone wants things done by Christmas, hence he is working at 8.21 pm at home. :(

    Look after your self, dear friend and things have a way of all working out on the day. Good luck with all your 100's of things that need doing.
    Thinking of you and your cast.


  17. My Todd can be a bit of an old scrooge as well. Do you think it's just men? Hmmm . . . anyways, I just ignore him and go ahead with all my holiday plans anyways. :-)

  18. I think that it maybe a man thing as Mr FF is not that fussed about Christmas and has not even noticed the new fairy on top of our tree despite having passed it at least 10 times in the last few days.

    Me thinks that putting the fairy in his lunch box (and no food) will get his attention :-)

    Leeann x

  19. As long as we know we are not the only ones living with the Grinch!! Only 9 days and it'll all be over, good luck with all those chores.

  20. Oh Millie, I am most disappointed in MOTH....and you with your injured foot an' all!!

    Hang in there!!! xo

  21. Yes I know exactly what you mean Millie - my other half has to purchase exactly 3 presents (one for his Mum, one for his KK and probably one for me) &you'd think that I'd asked him to fly to the moon and back. I just take a deep breath, tell him to put on his big boy pants & get on with it. Men - can't live with them, can't live without them! MOTH's got off pretty lightly if you ask me. Lee :)

  22. Miss Millie... I have an idea. Maybe a little distraction would do the Scrooge a bit of good- I would (and I know others would too;) love to have a anti- Christmas post from MOTH!! All this Christmas stuff can get a bit overwhelming and it would be nice to have some "anti" to balance it!! Do you think he would share his Christmas spirit with us?!!! Pleeasssssssssssseee!!!

  23. Millie, that petanque playing area you were thinking about is looking better and better, methinks. Install that boomgate now!

    Or, perhaps it might be time he did another guest post...that always seems to cheer him up. He can write about how much he hates Christmas and we'll all write back and nag at him to get over himself and he'll be reminded how fortunate he is to have his sweet Millie. Meredy xo.

  24. Yes, I think propofol is really your only option here. As a kid we always used to make fun of my dad's bah sounds suspiciously familiar to what you're dealing with. Suppose it's something attached to the y chromosome?

  25. It's a man thing Millie - he'll get over it! In the meantime, make sure you have plenty of whatever your favourite tipple is to hand & partake generously....Susie x

  26. Hey Millie
    Poor you in your cast! I hope it is not 40c in Adelaide today??? [Sydney is forecast for a dooozie]

    Well all I can think with this Christmas tantrum, is that he just wants to be the little boy and have Santa miraculously decorate the house and plant all the presents under the tree on Christmas morning!! Maybe he 'Still Believes' and the mundane Christmas 'chores' takes the mystery out of it all???

    Either that or... yes... as Jacqueline says... a little bit of Scrooge lingering here.

    Good Luck with all your tasks and the foot!! xxx Julie

  27. They're all the same. I saw a card today that said, "My wedding vows were "I do" not "all of it". I can so relate to that and you. At least you know that things will be done properly and not slap dash online in 2 mins. It will all be OK in the end especially if you get a really big pressie on the 25th.

  28. I wonder how MOTH would feel if on Xmas day, there was NO food, NO drink, NO family. Just NOTHING. Methinks he would wake up with a jolt, and suddenly realise how much it all means.


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Without a quickening of the heart.
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