Friday, December 18, 2009

Pardon My Shopping

Wish me luck, as today I need to head into the City to start & finish all my Christmas shopping on my Friday off. 'She's mad!' I hear you all say, & yes, dragging this cast around I probably will be ready to be certified around 3p.m.!! MOTH would help (ha, ha!), but Heidi sprung me with this comment yesterday. 'The whole time I was reading this post I couldn't help thinking of MOTH out cold in the spare room on an I.V. drip until Christmas is over.' Yes, Heides, that's exactly where he is, a la James Caan/Kathy Bates in Misery! Must go, as he's making some funny sounds, he's due for a 'top-up'. I don't want him breaking free of his ropes, cos you know the first thing he'll say when he comes around is 'I hate Christmas!'. Now where's that Propofol vial?


  1. Funny you should mention "Misery", that was a movie that was mentioned in a conversation I was having just last night!!

    Good luck with the shopping advice would be to give young Jonny W. a call....that boy is made for carrying shopping....and MOTH would be blissfully unaware. Let's call it - or rather him - your Christmas bonus ;)


  2. Good luck with the shopping plans...Love the stocking and bags...Cute star, xoxo~Kathy @ Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  3. Have fun Millie
    I haven't even started the Christmas shoppping, nor decorating.

    I think you'd be great to go shopping with. Besides the fact it would be a laugh a minute, you could put that cast to good use and play the sympathy card.. xx Julie

  4. Good luck Millie. I braved Myer Toy Department in Bourke Street Mall yesterday. They are renovating and there were jackhammers everywhere. There is only one word to describe it. FERAL.

  5. Good luck with the shopping plans Millie, sometimes its much more fun without them!

  6. I am an absolute last minute shopper, so I don't think you are crazy at all for hitting the shops this late! Except my leg is not in a cast... that makes you a little crazy, and maybe the fact that Moth is heavily sedated in the other room??? Ha!

  7. I hope your shopping was successful. You must share it with us! :) Happy Thursday.

  8. Power through it!! You will feel so good when that part of the Christmas planning is over.

    I finished today and plan to stay up all night to get everything wrapped. I'm hosting a small dinner party Monday evening, so all of my time now must focus on cleaning..husband does the major cooking.

  9. Hope that you had a great day shopping and bought all that was on your "list" and more.

    Leeann x

  10. Good Luck with your Christmas shopping!
    Happy weekend!

  11. millie
    hope your present shopping is a success.
    seriously, be careful.
    do not trip on a carpet
    or something silly.

    have fun!!!

    love to you
    and merry Christmas

  12. Perhaps this is cowardly of me but I did 80% of my shopping online this year...I simply couldn't brave the crowds!

  13. If I was there I would be by your side to be your very own shopping assistant. Shame on me, I did 90% of my shopping on and the cute delivery guy has cheerfuly delivered each gift to my doorstep. I'm sure you would qualify for a handicap sign to hang from your rear view mirror, so you can get all the good parking spots. Maybe even a motorized shopping cart. Oh Millie, my heart goes out to you. On another note, I was wondering if the sedation is safe on someone MOTH's age. The Vet will no longer sedate my 14 year old cat, in fear that she would not wake up. Just a thought. Have a great weekend. Love ya, Heidi

  14. Hi Millie, I just did some power Christmas shopping last night - sans Hubby of course! He would never survive such a thing! ; ) xoxoTrina

  15. enjoy the shopping! I LOVE the image you've shown!

  16. yea...just think, you'll have it all done! Hope it wasn't too crazy out there! :)

  17. Just pump him full of alcohol and put the Christmas carols up loudly so you can't hear him moan ;-)
    I still have to finish my Christmas shopping too - the snow stopped me putting messmonsters into school, and me from putting car in for new tyres ... Hope you enjoyed your Shopping ;-)

  18. The trick is to pace yourself, Millie. Buy a couple of presents...stop for a coffee...another few presents....have a manicure etc. You can't rush these things, especially with your foot...these treats are justified on medical grounds. Meredy xo.

  19. Hehehe I caught the last past of Misery the other night, had to laugh about this post, can just see it !! I do love that piccie though and hope the shopping was a success ! Just read your comment re first love and your lucky escape, what a hoot, just as well we cant see into the future hey? Have a wonderful xmas Millie and Moth, its been a blast, Mel xxx

  20. Hi Millie,

    Oh how hard it must be shopping with a cast, it is bad enough trying to move around the throngs, buying their Christmas presents.
    I hope that you had a successful shopping trip and managed to pick up some gifts.

    Happy weekend

  21. Hope you enjoyed it even with your cast Millie...hey, can I get some of what MOTH is having for Mic?
    Ness xx

  22. thank you Millie for your beautifully sweet message
    wishing you & your family a great christmas & the very best new year

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