Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hail King Grumpy XVI

Every Dec. 1st, as regular as clockwork, King Grumpy arrives to take up residence at The Royal Palace of The Hedge. I dust off the royal throne, prepare the royal bed in the royal guest room, arrange for additional supplies of his favourite royal beverage & then lie low! When I heard the royal carriage pull into the driveway last night, I disappeared into the far reaches of the palace & waited for the King to summon me. It didn't take long before I heard the royal bellow.

'I've got too much work on, I'm trying to please everyone, I've got no time for myself, I'm a month behind with Invoices, the overdraft's out of control 'cos I haven't had time to bill anyone, my cell phone won't stop ringing, I'm tired, I'm fed up, - I HATE CHRISTMAS!'

Yep, this is the annual Royal Christmas message from His Highness & it never changes. This is the 16th Christmas I've shared with King Grumpy & every year when asked, I give him the same advice as I give the 5 Royal Princes - UNDER PROMISE & OVER DELIVER!! To this end the King has decided to ignore my sage words & every year we have the same drama. I'm counting the hours until King Grumpy departs on Dec. 26th & is replaced by the far more affable King MOTH.


  1. Oh Millie. Do I Hear You!

    MONT is exactly the same at this time of year. Not only grumpy but moody and very short tempered, especially when we get calls Christmas Eve, or on occasion, Christmas day, wanting help because there's a "problem" and the stove won't work

    Tell the King to turn off his phone and have a beer and remember, you're not the only one putting up with a grouch this festive season.

  2. I am guilty of what MOTH is suffering from, stress overload. Stress from owning your own business plus added stress from the holidays. I think I have an ulcer, that would explain why I feel like the cat looks and why I just don't feel good. Going to the Dr. soon. Turning off the phone is a good one, and screening calls. Heidi

  3. i am sending over a case of happy pills... just enjoy..... dont let anything or anyone spoil the holidays... be well... be happy.... xx pam

  4. Oh Millie, that is too bad. Can't he be grumpy after Christmas instead...he'll spoil your Christmas cheer! I agree with your sage words for sure, men just don't listen and have to do things the hard way I think.... MOTH it'll be okay.

  5. Oh Miss Millie, what to do! Tickle him under the chin and with a smile say what my hubby says to me often...."things are never as bad as they seem"! A-M xx

  6. Yes there is no doubt Christmas should be at the end of the January break and then we would all be sane enough to enjoy it. And I loathe that artificial it must be done by Christmas deadline. What's wrong with two weeks later anyway? xoxo

  7. Maybe Queen Millie should consider a holiday at this time of year to escape HRH King Moth's tantrums - the Seychelles perhaps? Leigh

  8. Dear Millie,
    Loved to read your today's post! it did set me in a good mood!
    Happy december!

  9. Dear Millie - now I feel so much better...I thought I was the only one trying to inject some festive spirit into a MOTH channelling Scrooge...every suggestion met with 'bah humbug' but when the ghosts of Christmas past & future pay him a visit, it does seem to alleviate some of the you think it might work with King Grumpy??!!! Love Susie xxx

  10. I really think that being grumpy is a male right, mine gets to be grumpy 24/7, but I have one day of grumpiness and I have to explain why I'm not a ray of sunshine.

    I find it especially amusing that they are all extra grumpy at Christmas, most only buy gifts for 1 or 2 at most. They don't do any catering or any of the fun stuff we take in our stride. Remind me why we keep 'em around!

  11. There's nothing like aman to keep it interesting
    Kind Regards

  12. Oh my goodness! Could you be Queen High Maintenance to add to the sense of drama?

  13. Oh Millie, you are delightful! Instead of getting upset about it, isn't it wonderful to just realize that that's just what it is and then have a laugh over it. Your saying of "Under promise and over deliver" is a popular one in our household and it is a great motto to live by. Hopefully the princes will see that!

    I say "All Hail the QUEEN!"

  14. Oh Millie, this post really made me laugh!

    MOTH, you really seemed like you would be the Prince - or King - of All Things Festive, I am very disappointed in you ;)

    I suppose now wouldn't be a good time to ask you for another fabulous Guest Post would it, you know how much we all loved the last one....just a little Christmas gift to us....give lovely Millie some time to do all that shopping/planning/organising/menu-thinking up/you-name-it that Christmas involves.....what's that you say? I'm guessing that's an "I'll think about it"....alrighty then :)

    Hang in there Millie :)

  15. The only way of getting them to listen to good advice is to make them think it was their own idea. Or lay low and wait for the metamorphosis on the 26th when you can sing, 'The King is dead! Long live the King!' Good luck and don't hurt your already delicate wee foot on the eggshells... Ange

  16. Millie,

    I have a King Grumpy too. We call him "Sugar" (tongue in cheek) to even further add to the drama. A little fun with grumps never hurt anyone. I've decided to try and not let it get to me this year and understand, my sweet husband too, will reappear, but not until jan.2 or 3.

    Talk soon.


  17. Maybe this should be the year that MOTH skips Christmas. He doesn't have to buy any presents and he won't get any either. I declare MOTH to be invisible until December 26th. Poof!

  18. I think that MOTH needs a few festive drinks inside him and then everything will look sooooo much better.Perhaps one of his mates could take him up the pub and sort him out !! He just needs to start getting 'in the mood' and I'm sure that all of that grumpiness will just fade away on a sea of amber foam. XXXX

  19. It's not fun when there's a grump around at this time of year.
    When my dad was alive he used to be exactly the same ... every Xmas ... and he'd drive my mum and us kids around the bend!
    We learnt to ignore him ... easier said than done ... but come boxing day ... he was back to normal!
    Hang in there hon!

  20. Well he wouldn't be the only Mr Grumpy around. It is a very stressful time for guys, not that I really know why, because they do stuff all of the Christmas prep, but it does seem to be a temporary state of mind. Park him in a corner with a beer.

  21. as soon a s i read
    'When I heard the royal carriage pull into the driveway last night'
    i fell over laughing and thought to myself,
    perhaps i am really bummed out because i haven't been to millie's in a while.
    this just may be true!!!



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