Friday, December 4, 2009

Happily Ever After

Melbourne boy goes to London to work.

Adelaide girl goes to London to work.

They meet & fall in love.

Melbourne boy comes home.

Adelaide girl follows him back.

They've chosen the gorgeous Bird in Hand Winery in the Adelaide Hills to marry tomorrow.

What an awesome round trip, it couldn't be more perfect - see you both at 5! (& I do promise to keep myself & very unelegant left leg out of all the Group photos)

Images: Shall We Tie The Knot & Millie


  1. What a lovely story, and I'm sure wherever they are in the world, as long as they're together they'll be home. Enjoy the wedding.

  2. Many congratulations and best wishes! I love happily ever after stories. Sigh.

  3. Oh I do love a December wedding and at a winery~ so much the better! Have a wonderful time and toss that gam into a photo or two. I'm pretty sure knowone could glam it up as well as you Millie. Please report back for our wedding fix.

  4. How lovely, have a wonderful time! :)

  5. Oooh. How very elegant. I love a wedding - particularly one where my only responsibility is to charge my glass, lift my glass, drink and admire the happy couple. Have fun, Millie!

  6. Hey Millie
    Very exciting. This is one of your boys .. yes? Is this the one where you met the parents alone? Well I think as long as you haven't covered that cast in leopard print all will be grande!!

    Thanks for popping over whilst I've been a bit neglectful. Work is slowing down now thankfully as I've run out of steam. Sorry to hear about your beautiful Hawthorn tree..

    Have fun xx Julie

  7. Julie, not one of my boys tying the knot tomorrow. Damon who's getting married is the son of a long-time family friend. Believe me if any of my 5 boys make getting married a priority, it will be the subject of a year's worth of blog posts!!
    Millie ^_^

  8. Not too much spritely dancing then Millie! Leave that to the grinch! Happy weekend. Amanda xx

  9. I was married in December! Congratulations to the happy couple. Can't wait to see pictures!

  10. How absolutely wonderful Millie!

    It's so funny how things happen huh?


  11. Have a wonderful time Millie! Ax

  12. I think a little tinsel goes a long way to glam up a leg-cast! Bring a bit of Chrismas sparkle!
    Have a great time, and I LOVE that bouquet :)

  13. haha Millie, lucky you responded to Julie's comment! I was wondering how you were finding the time for blogging and why the bocce/retreat wasn't ready yet ;-)
    Cheers then!!

  14. I'm sure you'll look gorgeous!
    Have a wonderful time.

  15. Ooooo, I love a wedding and all the better if it's at a winery !!
    Have a fantastic time, and if any girls are wearing low back dresses, hold onto MOTH.!! Enjoy the day Mill's, and we would like a debrief on Monday. XXXX

  16. What a romantic story. May they live happy ever after.

    Leeann x

  17. Dear Millie - enjoy the wedding & have a lovely weekend - what a romantic story...having moved from Sydney to the UK I'm guessing that my daughter's will be - Sydney girl meets Sydney boy & stays there forever....oh well, better start saving for the move back....Love Susie x

  18. millie..........
    no dancing, and once you sit down....
    keep that leg hidden under the table cloth!! (lol)
    and just smile and be gorgeous.

    love you xxx

  19. Beautiful, romantic story, Millie.
    Congratulations and may they have a wonderful life together.
    Enjoy the wedding and so sorry that you will not be able to do much dancing.


  20. Hope you had a fabulous day - couldn't have picked a better spot for a wedding (the best bubbles around) xx

  21. I hope you had a wonderful time Millie, xv.

  22. How lovely! So elgant and beautiful.


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