Thursday, November 18, 2010

Dial M For Mirror!

I've just walked in the door from work & just had to share the news. The very big mirror in the Bathroom-From-Hell has been installed today in my absence & oh my goodness it looks AMAZING! I wanted a specific look right from the start & a certain Serial Renovator has dissed me for the past 18 months about it. Whinged, whined, witched & complained & said it couldn't be done. Well today Miss Millie's silly crazy idea has been vindicated - YAY! The Installer left a note to say it's the coolest looking installation he's done all year. That little gem will be framed for posterity. As we still need to paint the bathroom ceiling & door, the finished images are still a couple of weeks away, but don't worry dear Hedgies, you'll be given plenty of warning so you can all be at your computers with a glass of champers ready for the big day. What a truly wonderful collective global chinking of glasses that will be!

Image: Savvy Sugar



  1. How darn exciting Millie. What a visionista you are!!!

  2. Ching ching how about we just have one glass to celebrate and another when we see the pics!

  3. I have the champagne on ice Millie!

  4. Just what you needed to see after your week, dear Millie. I will be waiting champers in hand :)

  5. All the more for seeing you , eh Mille?

    Congratulations, it's just wonderful when a plan comes together.


  6. Sounds Gorgeous can't wait to see your Glam New Bathroom..

  7. Congratulations Millie, doesn't it feel good when you know you were right from the start - just don't tell MOTH I said that!

  8. How exciting Millie,
    Would love to have a glass of bubbles to toast the glam new bathroom - look forward to it!!!

    Christine xo

  9. Well, slap me on the buttocks with a live haddock and call me Shirley !!.......I cannot believe that you are moving ever closer to the end of this marathon that is TBFH. You will not know yourself Mill's. You will be able to luxuriate to your hearts content, while MOTH hands you glass afier glass of Champagne !!
    Isn't it great when you know you're right !!
    Can't wait for the grest reveal.
    ...... in anticipation. XXXX

  10. sounds lovely, can't wait to see it!

  11. Hooray, Millie! Looking forward to the pics.

  12. Congratulations Millie! I know what it is like to have an idea which finally comes to fruition even though you were told it couldn't be done! Cheers can't wait to see the gorgeous mirror and will definitely have the glass of bubbles ready!
    best wishes

  13. Ooooh, I can't wait it sounds like it is worth a big reveal and I will definately have the champers handy. xx

  14. You have every right to jump for joy! It is such fun to have a project turn out like you want. I am waiting for the pictures of another finished room.

  15. Oh Millie, I can't wait to raise my glass to the new bathroom.
    That will be a happy time for us all.
    Look forward to the big reveal, dear friend.

    Have a happy weekend

  16. Millie...
    We are all sitting on the edge of our computer chairs waiting to see the mirror pictures. How exciting.

  17. The champagne is ready here at Brabourne Farm ... can't wait to see the transformed BFH! Foolish MOTH to have doubted the wonderful Millie. Leigh

  18. Cheers for forethought and vision!!! Can't wait to see the finished pic :)

  19. Can't wait to drink to your bathroom Millie. How excited you must be that all is coming together so beautifully.
    (And I can hardly wait for bridegroom MOTH's sage wedding whispers. So pleased I haven't missed this.) xx

  20. The picture says it all... how very happy and triumphant you feel right now. Congratulations on the mirror.

    Do share the pics soon.


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