Thursday, November 4, 2010

Nel Tempo La Distanza.

This cute little Fiat & I have a lot in common. We both came off the production line in 1956, are 600 models & have lasted the distance.

It's The Hedge's 600th post today!



  1. Ah love it and the woman is pretty excited about it too by the looks!

    CONGRATULATIONS Millie, here's to many more.... cheers :)

  2. Happy 600th post Millie! As a dedicated hedgie I'm looking forward to 600 more. Lee :)

  3. Wow! I can't believe it. Keep it up, you are so much apart of my blog village and so many others as well. The Hedge is a fixture in the blog world. Love always, Heidi

  4. Happy 600! :)

    When The Mister and I got married, our first little car was a copper colored Fiat. Awww. It was so cute!

  5. Crikey Mill's....that's massive !!
    I think that Blogger should have some sort of award for 600 posts. You really deserve one. I've only done 100 and something....pretty small fry compared to you.
    .....I just feel that you should be compared to something a little more romantic than a Fiat 600 !!
    Will you and MOTH be wining and dining this evening to celebrate ?........after all MOTH has contributed towards the 600 !!!! (sorry) XXXX

  6. Congratulations on the 600. When I was in London recently the Cinque Cento was THE vouge mode de la road - particularly pink.
    Enjoy the next 600.

  7. Congratulations, what an achievement..and still going strong.

  8. Oh my God that Fiat is to die for!
    And so are you!
    Congratulations and a brilliant post to boot!
    I'm so happy that I peeked over the Laurel Hedge almost two years ago, I really am.
    xo Lisa

  9. Congratulations on post number 600! I love that car - whoa.

  10. yay for 600!!!
    here's to many more as i am also looking forward to more Hedgies.
    hugs ♥

  11. Sensational, Millie! What a legend. Only you could liken yourself to a classic car! J x

  12. HAPPY 600th Millie! It's always a joy to pop in and visit with you. You always bring smiles and laughter to my day!

  13. I can hardly wait to read the next 600 posts - Congratulations (and thank you)! Maybe Moth should buy you that lovely classic car in celebration?!?

  14. Congrats...I'm only up to 53! You certainly have accomplished a fine record! And what's more they are fun to read, I only discovered you recently but am enjoying them immensely.

  15. Way to go, girl! You are truly an inspiration.

    I remember the family getting a Fiat when I was a kid. It was secondhand (wasn't everything in those days) and I found a piece of paper in the glove box that had these words written on it - Frankly Fiat's Finer.

    Could be said about Millie too!

    Jennifer xx

  16. ROCK ON ROCK ON ROCK ON! :) So glad you are in my bloggy world! Hugs!

  17. You are a super star. 600 posts. Well done! Where is that bathroom? Sorry, that is a question for MOTH. xoxo

  18. Congrats on the 600 Millie!! Heres to 600 more!!! xxxx

  19. Wow, that is an amazing milestone. Hige congratulations! Letitia xx

  20. Thank you Millie for taking the time to write such a great blog 600times. It's the first thing I read on my computer every day.I look forward too 600 more.
    Kind Regards
    PS: Thank Moth for being part of it too.

  21. millie,

    can you believe it??
    and fabulous posts
    they have been too!!

    xx hugs

  22. Congratulations Millie, here's to many more!! 600 posts is pretty impressive :)

    Love those little Fiats :) xx

  23. 600...wowzers! I can't confess to having read all 600 but I've sure read every one since I discovered the wonderful world of the laurel hedge. Go Millie! And isn't MOTH good for providing all that blogging material that makes us laugh, smile and sometimes even smirk :)

  24. Oh Millie, congratulations on your 600 wonderful posts!
    I enjoy every visit when I come here, thanks for all you share.
    Well done, dear friend and thanks to Moth also. Here's to another 600, I will raise my glass to you both, tonight.


  25. Congratulations!!!! That's rather a milestone - and a cute little car too! 1956 must have been a very good year :)

  26. Millie a great feat indeed. 600 is incredible. Great 'things' were made in 1956, it was a VERY good year!

    Congrat's to one fabulous writer & woman (& with a great side-kick)
    xo xo hugs

  27. Good Work!

    The car and you are both lovely!

    We will be in Adelaide visiting our family is December. As I recall you did a post about places to visit in the area. Can you direct me to it again? Or am I wrong?

  28. Perfect in every way!
    Happy 600th Millie!!!

    Jeanne xx

  29. Congratulations Millie!
    Wow, 600 posts - that's amazing and inspiring.

    Sandy K


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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