Friday, November 26, 2010

Swingout Sister

Golf is good for you. Marta Mamani, an Aymara indigenous woman, hits a drive during her work break at La Paz Golf Club, Bolivia. I'm off to do my Marta thing this weekend - YAY!

This image of local Adelaide pro-golfer Anna Rawson is a special treat for Son #5, our champion of all things on the green. I know you find our Anna 'inspirational' Sweetie. Love Mum xx

Images: Marta - Xtremesport Anna - Anna Rawson



  1. Damn Millie...If I had realized you were photographing my swing, I would have really creamed that drive!

  2. Hope the greens treat you well this weekend Millie. Don't forget the wet weather gear. I hear you are sending us some pretty fierce weather!

  3. Wow, gorgeous and can play golf..I meant you Millie.. I'd love to play golf, it's such an intelligent sport. Have fun..Rachaelxx

  4. Fun image. Golf is just too frustrating for me - I leave that game to my husband and daughters.

  5. I'll drive by and shout "par"-
    Just let me know if you will be the one in the sequined halter top?

  6. Hello Millie
    Have a wonderful game and thank you for the well wishes for our Thanksgiving holiday over here...

    One down at the in-laws and another here at our homestead to plan for this Sunday for my side of the family...May have to partake of some early good cheer to pull it off :-)

    Hugs and smiles


  7. Millie...I'm sure sons #1 through #4 will enjoy that photo of Anna too. Don't forget to yell FORE when you do your Marta imitation.
    Thanks for stopping by the cottage.
    xo, Rosemary

  8. Well, I can’t say I am a follower yet since you were just discovered by me one week ago. I love this swingout sister of yours (I mean the top picture). May I save her in my file and use it as the header when someday I accumulate enough life experience and launch my own blog?

  9. Dear Millie,

    I know exactly what you are saying...
    Roll on the holidays!

    I hope that your week is a good one and thanks for visiting me and your friendship.


  10. Happy American Thanksgiving to you and MOTH.
    I leave the golf course to my sister, Cindi. I once had clubs. I loaned the out more than I played with them. Now if I looked like that and could hit a golf ball - life would be sweet.

  11. oooh..well, she is a beauty! :)

    my oldest is the golfer in our family!

  12. Loved this post Millie...I only golf because the shoes are cute!

    xx kelley


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