Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Paint That!

While I refuse to let any thoughts of Christmas enter my head just yet, I have started thinking about the long Summer days after. We're not heading to the beach this year, as we want to save our pennies for our big trip away next May (yes, it's been postponed from this year due to a certain Serial Renovator taking on too many new client projects!). MOTH's not taking any time off from work, so after all our house guests depart in early January, it's just me at home at The Hedge - & I find that prospect absolutely delicious! However, I need to have a couple of projects on the go, & thanks to 2 of my dearest blog chums, I've been inspired.

Dear Willow has recently given the c.1983 china cabinet in her Dining Room the big make-over. Doesn't it look gorgeous all black & elegant & very schmicko!

Here's her Before shot. She noted in her post ' Here it is full of a hodge-podge-lodge of doily-lady stuff. I removed the top shelf in the center section, added the resident manor rooster and random stacks of vintage red books.'

And here is mine. Purchased in the same year, on the other side of the world. It has served me very well, but I've looked at it for ages now, wandering what I can do to tart it up. And thanks to Willow's brilliant idea, it's going to get similar treatment!

The delightful Deborah at Boxwood Terrace has also been busy with the sandpaper & paint brush. She added a glazed finish to her 2 bedside tables, the Before is on the left, with the ever-so-pretty After on the right. In her post here, she also introduced us to Stephanie from me and mrs. jones painted finishes. I have been stalking Stephanie's blog archives ever since for tips & hints of the trade!

Here's our bedside tables in their current state - very average, & now, since our bedroom makeover, looking positively dodgey. I think they'll respond very nicely to a new look once I've attacked them with the sandpaper. So they'll get hauled out to the back verandah too, along with the china cabinet. So that's the first 3 weeks of January 2011 accounted for I reckon. The only thing not to come out of this with any dignity will be my poor old fingernails. Off to book an After-Sanding manicure now!



  1. Now THAT'S a project Millie!! Love the photos you have shown, quite a transformation.

    Thought at first you might be adding it to MOTH's list....but am relieved to see you will be taking it on yourself. Probably wise, it might really have been the proverbial straw ;)

    Hope those boys of yours are all well, you haven't mentioned them for a few weeks...will they be gracing your Christmas table this year? xx

  2. Millie - I can't wait to see how your tables turn out and I'm sure they'll be as fabulous as your other do-overs. Isn't Stephanie's blog the best? I've read every one of her posts. Thanks too, for the mention. You made my day.

  3. Wow Millie, I am excited for you. Not just because you have such a wonderful project but the prospect of having time alone to get on with it without receiving advice about which brush to use etc, etc.
    Looking forward to seeing the after shots.
    Pamela xx

  4. Two very worthy Summer projects Millie - looks like you're going to be up to your elbows in paint. I'm sure the results will be worth it though.

  5. Can not wait to see your reveal!
    Happy painting!


  6. Those two projects sound like they will be lots of fun - although I'm glad it is you and not me that will be sanding and prepping your big dresser. I like the painting bit and seeing the whole transformation, but doing all that necessary before stuff - aggh! Looking forward to seeing your after shots.
    Clare x

  7. Oh my! Been there - done that. I love the thought of giving new life to something old, worn, dated. It's all in the rubbing between coats of paints - I say this from experience. I have two old ornate chinese chairs that I painted and hand-rubbed. They look fabulous. On the other hand, I have other chairs, tables, stools, etc., that I tried to take the shortcut, and the end result shows it. I'll be waiting to hear any secrets you learn and can share.

  8. Ahh Millie, I buy a great big box of disposible latex type gloves and use those suckers like crazy. It really helps the nails.

  9. Hi Millie,

    How neat that your furniture is going to get the big transformation.
    I look forward to seeing the big reveal.
    Hopefully over the summer our lounge is going to get the big makeover.
    The green wallpaper has to go.

    Have a great week

  10. Love this post Millie as I have spent the last week or so painting our bedroom and all that goes in it. It has taken a lot longer than I thought it would have and the BIG tin of very expensive Farrow and Paint is almost gone and I wish that I could say that I was finished :-)

    I too am a big fan of the gloves as I always manage to get paint all over my hands - je n'aime pas!

    Leeann x


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