Monday, November 15, 2010

Kiss And Say Goodbye

This post is 'dedicated' to the noisy koalas in our garden, who have kept MOTH & I awake for the past 3 nights. Almost to the day & right on cue, our local boy koala once again put his Barry White CD's on the koala stereo on Friday night & went off looking for luuuurve. As posted in previous November's here & here, the koala breeding season in The Hedge's garden is short & sharp, extremely noisy & every year is conducted right outside our bedroom window.

  • the boy koalas are highly vocal.

  • they advertise their mating prowess with loud snarling calls, deep bellows & grunts which are meant to impress the females.

  • the female lets the boy know she's up for it by emitting a sharp, screeching noise similar to a fighting cat.

  • the male chases the female across the ground or up a tree until he catches her, or unless she can outrun or fight him off.
  • the deed then takes place, with the ensuing noise between the two of them described as a cross between 2 ferrets fighting & a chainsaw.

  • it only lasts for 90 seconds & the male then packs up his CD's & moves on, looking for luuuurve in the next tree.

Unlike other years, there was no sign yesterday morning of either party. MOTH thinks they headed off to a stand of eucalypts next door to bask in the afterglow & sleep it off. As we are desperate for a peaceful night's sleep, we are hoping that Barry has weaved his magic & all this loud, amorous cavorting is well & truly over for another year!



  1. Hahahahahaha, maybe if you leave a packet of cigarettes out for them they might have a smoke afterwards, then roll over and fall asleep. It might pay to invest in some noise-cancelling headphones.

  2. Do they have eucalyptus roll up's afterwards Mill's ?
    Here's hoping that the mating season is short lived and you and MOTH can get a good nights sleep.
    My comment could have been a lot rauchier but, it is Sunday night here and I'm not sure how far I should go !! XXXX

  3. LOL! Hilarious and i can just picture it all...

    Smiles and hope all is well with you and MOTH.


  4. The mind boggles. I guess animals don't feel embarrassment so if you were to take a peek or shine a torch it wouldn't be off putting to them. Sounds like the only solution is to chop down the trees which is hardly a good outcome.

    What happens to the baby koalas? You must track them down and post some photos.

  5. Hysterical! Though I'm sure the lack of sleep (for you) is taking it's toll.

  6. and you know.........all of us who have only seen koala's in zoo's are going.....aaaaahhhhh

  7. I was reading this I could've sworn you were talking about a bloke I once knew..

  8. I am with shall say nothing....nothing about Barry White...nothing about mating koalas and absolutely nothing at all about you and MOTH loosing sleep.....xv

  9. I've been lurking in the Hedge for not so long, but have thoroughly enjoyed every last post I've read. This one, however, made me laugh out loud with the idea of you and MOTH rolling eyes and saying "Oh, here we go again." Love your blog.

  10. Too funny! Wham bam and thank you Ma'am - from a Koala. They look like they'd be far more slow and gentle lovers...

  11. omg.

    this is so funny.
    i would love to hear a soundtrack of the horny koalas that are keeping you guys awake at night.

    it certainly would put a dampener
    on any 'luuurve'
    attempts my(imaginary)husband
    might make towards me.
    i would hear the horny, grunts,and howls and crack up.

    i luuurve 'the barry'


  12. Laughed and laughed at your description of your sleepless nights. Hope the Koalas tone things down a lot over the next couple of nights.
    Clare x

  13. funny, Millie

    hope they will calm down soon.

  14. and to think i always wanted and begged my parents for one as a child...

    i am sooo sorry... and like jackie... we could have all had a run at comments but we will keep it G rated here!

    sleep tight... xx

  15. Laughting out loud! I'll never look at little koalas the same again.

  16. Millie, great to hear that you and MOTH are doing your bit to keep our beautiful koalas from extinction ;>)

  17. Hi Millie,

    Oh this is funny but, I guess not for you and Moth
    I do hope that they move to another neighbours trees, so you can get your beauty sleep.

    happy Wednesday

  18. A chainsaw? Really? Things have certainly been wild over the hedge lately. You two...I mean the Koalas need to settle down now!
    xo Lisa

  19. Koala mating season is my favorite time of year at the Hedge. Last year after the post, I went over to youtube to check out the noises they made. My 8 year old noticed the interesting sound and bolted over to have a look a well. After watching one video,he learned how to mimic the koala mating call and hasn't stopped since. Lovely. I know you are relieved it is over. Love, Heidi


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Without a quickening of the heart.
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