Thursday, November 11, 2010

Largest Fun Ship Anywhere

Why of course it is! With no air conditioning, running cold water, refrigeration, phone service, internet, hot food & flushing loos, why would you want to be anywhere else. The ship's bars, casinos, swimming pools & upper deck are all off-limits. The cabins are pitch black & you'll need to leave your door propped open to let in air & emergency lighting from the hallway.

You'll be thoroughly entertained with board games, dancing, cards, trivia contests & a scavenger hunt. Excitement will reach fever pitch as you scramble on deck catching Spam & Pop Tarts being tossed down onto the deck by Navy Rescue helicopters.

“Conditions on board the ship are very challenging and we sincerely apologize for the discomfort and inconvenience our guests are currently enduring. We know this has been an extremely trying situation for our guests and we sincerely thank them for their patience," Carnival Cruise Lines President and CEO Gerry Cahill said.

And the Grand Prize? As a bonus you & the other 3,298 passengers will be able to take a free future cruise of equal value courtesy of CCL.

MOTH has always maintained that he would rather endure open heart surgery without an anaesthetic than be dragged onto a cruise ship. I've always thought he was being a bit unkind, but today I reckon he's not far off the mark.

With so much to do and see, there isn’t a moment not to treasure aboard the Carnival Splendor.



  1. I'm very much with my mate MOTH on this one.... I would rather eat my liver with a rusty spoon, than go on a cruise Mill's !!!! XXXX

  2. I'm only laughing b/c I'm NOT on there! They'd better be glad too...I'd be throwing up.
    I took a cruise once. Soot poured out of the smoke stacks and covered all the deck chairs and my clothes and hair whenever I went out.

  3. If was like the Titanic (without the sinking of course) I would be there with bells on. If it like the bad press (full of bogans and \ or elderly dozing people) then I am with Jackie.

  4. I have never had the urge to be on a boat with a city of people I do not know, eating every meal as if we were about to go into a winter long hybernation. Not for me, no thanks. I heard about this happening before, only the guest were all suffering from stomach flu. Two words, Hell No. I will be coming by plane. Love, Heidi

  5. Well, that has put me clean off!! lol I w-a-s toying with the idea of a family cruise but any place with its own morgue is a bit suspect in my opinion a-n-d this delightful picture you have painted has swayed me totally. I can trow my own pop tarts for 1/100th of the price!!!....

  6. This is precisely why I don't vacation on cruise ships. Actually, I haven't done much vacationing lately, but I'd rather be stranded on my own sofa than a cruise ship. Those poor people.

  7. I've been on several cruises, two of them on Carnival. While I like Royal Caribbean slightly better, I thoroughly enjoyed both Carnival cruises. It's interesting that people will dis something they have never experienced. Seems petty to me.

    There are lots of different types of vacation that I have never experienced, but I haven't made a point of dissing people who enjoy different pastimes. For instance, I don't much care for snow-skiing, scuba diving, spelunking, or mountain climbing, but there are lots of folks that enjoy those activities, and I don't have any problem with that.

    As for the problems on the Carnival Splendor, sometimes unfortunate things happen (I have been on land-based vacations where things did not go as planned). In this case, nobody died. As of yesterday, there was lighting (but no A/C -- fortunately, the weather is cool), running water, and working toilets. I understand the folks are eating mostly canned meats and veggies (courtesy of the USS Reagan), which I don't think I would like much, but at least they have something to eat. I have personally endured worse. If the initial situation had lasted much longer, they probably would have arranged for everyone to be transferred to the USS Reagan to be transported back to San Diego. As it stands, the ship should arrive in San Diego under tow sometime this weekend.

    I will be going on another cruise fairly soon (on RC), and I take some comfort in the fact that a disaster like this (fire in the engine room, which has *got* to be something that is easily monitored and prevented) gets the attention of the entire industry, and is unlikely to re-occur anytime soon.

  8. Duly noted TXCHL. Just a little Aussie humour, not meant to offend.
    Millie ^_^

  9. Ay yi yi.....this proves to me once and for all that going on a cruise, especially if it's a Carnival cruise, is notmy idea of fun. Have a great wknd, Millie. xx


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