Monday, November 1, 2010

MOTH's Virtual World

Further to last Thursday's post. This mysteriously appeared yesterday on the plasterboard where the bathroom mirror's supposed to go.

When queried the Rocket Scientist involved informed me that he may have overpromised our soon-to-be-arriving house guests about the completed state of their bathroom - who would have thought!! The above also appeared a little later on the same piece of plasterboard. I was informed that this was the formula he will use to complete the bathroom.

Here's the said Rocket Scientist (complete with his 'bed hair' look at 4p.m.) using his formula to finish off those few last minute things including a large, gaping hole in the wall over the door. No further comment from his Project Manager is needed.



  1. Oh dear. What's the deadline again? I thought you were going to say it was MOTH at 4 am! Has he been sleeping late again?

  2. Ha ha ha , I love Moths sense of humour...some mornings I think we may all be better off with a virtual mirror!!!

  3. Yes, but you must be happy that there is some action going on. I am sure it is going to look wonderful and be functional very soon. ;-)

  4. Try having ten (yes, ten!) members of my hubby's family arrive one xmas, with the main bathroom a complete shambles (in spite of promises from hubby that it would be done) and the only available bathroom being my ensuite! Oh happy days indeed. I feel your pain Millie, believe me. K xx

  5. Oh dear Millie, looks like Moth still has some work to do but it must be good to see the progress now that he set himself a deadline. Thanks for stopping by and mentioning the embolization, the Dr had mentioned it and it will be the next course of action if the avm doesn't heal on it's own. It was good to hear some feedback on the procedure. xx

  6. I guess you can't rush perfection.....but, then again there's not rush and there's not rush !!!!
    I have to say that MOTH looks as if he is taking it seriously but, have you got an alternative ablution area for your guests because I think that you will have to use it !!
    Please keep us posted on progress Mill's. XXXX

  7. I've tried and tried to work out that formular. I just don't get it I think Moth needs a miners light that way he could work 24 7.
    Kind Regards

  8. Virtual mirror, indeed. Hey, if you think that's bedhead hair, you ain't seen nothin'.

  9. oh you are so patient sweet millie... i dont know why we women have our foot on the gas and our men have theirs on the break... it is a killer... it is testing me for sure!!!! how do you do it ?????????????? xx

  10. Hi Millie,

    One step closer and great to see him in there and at it!
    Just think it will be fabulous soon and you will be able to look back and smile.



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