Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Georgetown Cupcake

I'm thoroughly enjoying Jane Stanton Hitchcock's latest crime thriller Mortal Friends, because it's set in one of my favourite places - the historic Georgetown area of Washington DC. Over the years of travelling to DC for work, I head to Georgetown for 2 very important reasons - Cote Jardin on O Street & Georgetown Cupcake on M Street. Cue much nodding of head by the lovely Cote Provence, who blogs from her home town of Washington.

This historic three-story brick Colonial Revival house is one of the earliest examples of this style in Washington, DC. Located in the Georgetown Historic District, the residence has undergone many dramatic transformations since its construction in 1893. A 1961 modification removed the front porch and widow’s walk (oh Lord!) and relocated the front door, replacing the original entry with a window.

The renovation has reinstated the house’s original presence by restoring the porch & widow's walk & re-situating the front door, while adding a rear modern garden pavilion.

A glass connector lightly joins the two structures.

The new pavilion incorporates the stunning kitchen, dining & informal living areas on the ground floor.

And a new master suite on the floor above.

Contemporary styling in the formal Living Room at the front of the house.

Light filled, slick, spacious & eminently liveable interiors make this is a very special home.

Images: Cunningham Quill Architects



  1. Love the rear garden pavillion and fountains.How stunning!Fiona

  2. That's an incredible building. I'd love to visit Georgetown, one of these days. Have a great day!

  3. I was in Washington DC (for work) in August and absolutely loved these stately Georgetown homes. Thanks for reminding me of their gorgeousness.

  4. Oh, that is a gorgeous home! I love the ceilings! Why can't I have ceilings like that!?!

  5. Just getting out again after a bad liver spout again. I love Georgetown and hope to visit there myself one of these days. Thank you for sharing. Such gorgeous rooms!! :) Hugs

  6. What a fabulous home! I love the garden pavillon at the rear of the house. And the light in the rooms. Quite dreamy. On another topic (from my post on Daylesford), yes, do go to Daylesford and I can definitely recommend the Hepburn at Hepburn Villas, everything was thought of and it was very private. You can book on their webiste (same price as Wotif). Have fun!

  7. I love the lines in that kitchen, to me it is perfection.

  8. Oh wow Millie, very swish indeed.

    ..No Millie...she has the legs I WAS supposed to get...your comment made me laugh.

  9. Hello Millie my dear - I'm ashamed to say I have never been to D.C. I've heard marvelous things about Georgetown Cupcake and the architecture alone would keep me glued to this city. The home was so impressive. It had me @ it's exterior fountains & pulled m in!!

    Hope all is super & wishing you a lovely Tuesday evening. xo xo

  10. Millie, my dear, DC is my hometown! Do you still get out there often? We need to talk! :)

  11. Very clever addition to a gorgeous home Millie..I am thinking it would be fun to create a whole wing of a house just like that devoted to the master bedroom, his and her study, his and her dressing room and all those other wonderful spaces that would be a dream come true :)

    Jeanne xx

  12. The US has so many gorgeous, historic districts. I hope to visit them some day. This home is lovely and I'm glad they restored some of it's original charm! Rachaelxx


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