Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Diamond Days

When MOTH decided to seal my fate with diamonds, he just surprised me (& that's a whole other post!). He always said he couldn't stand the thought of sitting down with me in some cookie cutter jewellers store & being played like a sucker - he's soooooo romantic! However if the store had been Jacqueline Rabun's atelier studio in London, I reckon I would have dragged him in kicking & screaming just to experience the surroundings set designer Lyndsay Milne McLeod created for her.

The store is housed in a converted stable in a gated mews in Belgravia. It is described as feeling like 'an oversized jewel box where the stable stalls are compartments within which the jewels are nestled'. And I couldn't agree more! Have I rekindled any memories of your ring-buying expedition?

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  1. Oooh..that is a very neat place! I'd buy a jewel there for sure! :)

  2. Hi Millie,

    What a fabulous place and would like to go and take a little look here.
    25th wedding anniversary is coming up for me and husband,next year, so wishful thinking.

    happy week

  3. On our expedition I put a rock on my finger in Cartier in Bond St London - just for fun and to see what 30,000 quid felt like - and had that sense of rising panic when I couldn't get it off. I think the sweat started in seconds!! It came off and needless to say it's not the ring I wear now!

  4. Oh my .... what an interesting space!
    I must go and take a little look ... I 'll tell hubby it's a new kind of concept hardware store ... well I wouldn't be lying now ... hardware for the mrs!

    Have a great week Mills and thanks for sharing.

  5. A stable mews in Belgravia...sigh. Nothing could be further than my "diamond" experience. I was 19, and Dave was still at Uni. He announced that "$200 ought to do it". All I could envisage was one of those horrible rings in the shape of a dolphin wrapped around my finger with sapphires for eyes. Happily I ended up with a lovely ring with a small diamond that I truly love...it reminds me of where we started.

    Thanks for sharing this post Millie. I love the way your mind works. How on earth do you manage to find these little treasures? Meredy xo.

  6. I just can't imagine MOTH ever being taken for a sucker! My hubby and I shopped for my ring together - he had just started work and I was still a uni student so my ring is not priceless in value, but in sentiment it is. I remember him getting quite light headed over the amount of money he was forking out... good thing we had no plans to buy a house back then or I don't think he would have coped!
    Clare x

  7. you had me with the hand mirrors!!!! love love love

  8. Sadly not....I have no such memories to rekindle like this Millie.....but I am always open to creating some new ones....xv

  9. You've got me with the hand mirrors!Its Gorgeous...Interesting place too...another lovely inspiring post! :)

  10. i am drooling .....
    just thinking of
    the horse stalls and jewels.

    2 of my absolute faves in life.



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