Monday, November 24, 2008

149 Neil Road

Images Ong & Ong

Well, I guess it was bound to happen, I had to grab the Kleenex while writing a post. Normally the only other subject of my posts that could possibly have reduced me to tears is MOTH - & those are generally tears of laughter at his renovation 'mishaps' . However the subject of today's post actually bought tears of happiness, because of the beauty I see in these images.

I've been travelling to Singapore regularly for work for nearly 20 years & just love it to bits. I've always enjoyed wandering around China Town & Little India, into the back streets & alleyways where the character of the old city can still be seen. However, over the years I've seen this slowly but surely disappearing to make way for high-rise residential developments & it has deeply saddened me.

So it was with great delight that I discovered the work of Ong & Ong, a group of Singaporean architects who are restoring some of the old city buildings with great care & empathy. 149 Neil Street is actually a shop-house conservation, where the external facade has been lovingly refurbished to its historical glory, while the interior has been remodelled to suit the modern lifestyle of the current resident. This house has great beauty & a quiet stillness, to me its a haven of calm & reflection of past lives lived within its walls. Bravo Ong & Ong!!


  1. And what fantastic windows! How great that they are have done such a quality restoration. Much, much nicer to live in than some soulless, cold and uninteresting new build. It is so interesting to see fantastic interiors from other parts of the world - thanks for tracking this down, Millie.

  2. So many beautiful Architectural elements here. The stair case is amazing. I love the windows as well. Sounds like your jobs takes you to some stunning places.
    Ness xx

  3. Lovely images and great work there. I too love Singapore, i think its under-rated and one of my favourite places. Your post makes me want to go back and wander about. I dont know about you but its one of those places you just feel safe day and night, Mel xxx

  4. I love great windows.. they are the how you see into the sole of a home..
    Incredible post --- thank you for showing us.

  5. A sensational and sensitive restoration and so beautiful at that. As I was scrolling down the images I was trying to guess which country we were visiting - Asia I knew, Singapore I would never have thought, for the very reason you mentioned. The old Singapore is a mere memory these days - I am with you, bravo to the architects ( and the owners). xv

  6. Thanks for uncovering this gem. I love a touch of asia in decorating and this is simply beautiful.
    By the way I was up in Stirling yesterday - enjoying the beautiful weather and checking out the markets. I kept wondering if you were there too (except I don't know what you look like!)

  7. Hi Catherine - no we weren't @ The Stirling Market yesterday, MOTH spent nearly 5 hours putting together a new whizz-bang BBQ we shouted ourselves. After the 1st hour, he started to get very tetchy, so I spent the next 4 apologising to all our neighbours as the air just kept getting bluer by the minute!

    FYI - there's a couple of pics of me on the post I did for MOTH's significant birthday on Sept. 3rd. The blonde bob hasn't changed, but a couple of extra kilos have made themselves known to me!!

  8. Wow...I was stunned. So beautiful with such a calm presence!

    Kudos to the Architects!


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