Monday, November 10, 2008

Fun & Games

A dozen gorgeous hand-painted clay eggs from Honduras.

Outdoor twisted metal votive candle stakes.

Beautiful blown bubble glass lanterns with woven iron handles. Perfect as a lanterns or flower vases.

Hand-made wooden limes from Haiti.

Surf's up with these mini rustic metal Kombi vans.

A whimsical set of fox hunters and hounds made from handcarved wood.

Set of three large rustic clay pots with black and antique-white stripes. Hand-crafted in Honduras.

This great over-sized metal megaphone would be perfect for calling everyone to order at dinner time.

Aren't these pieces from At West End just adorable! I think the vintage surfie Kombi vans with surfboards on the roof are my favourites. Takes me back to being a 17 year old in my teeny tiny string bikini on the beach at Moana with my girlfriends during summer. Our collective & fervent hope was that the gorgeous surfies would look our way & maybe we would become of the surfie chicks sitting smugly in the front seat of the Kombi with our heroes by our side!


  1. Millie...Is a Kombi the same thing as a VW bus? All the items you picked to show us are very nice. Thanks. The lemons and limes look faux real! ;-) ♥Rosemary

  2. How cute. I like metal megaphone,... but again they do not ship to Australia!! ( hmm).

  3. Millie - those pots are scrumptious! I don't even garden but that certainly doesn't mean I wouldn't buy them ... I am sure I could use them as props! Such a sucker for some hand drawn stripes always! Happy week xx

  4. Absolutely adorable Millie! Those wooden lemons & limes look so real & love the pots. Its probably a good thing for my bank balance that they do not ship to Australia!
    Amanda x

  5. Awesome photos Millie! - Can't believe those lemons and limes are made out of wood!!

    Also love the black and white striped pots.

    Great way to start the working week xx

  6. I love those wooden lemons and limes! I would buy every single you showed here!

    Happy Monday Millie!

  7. Now Millie I just wanted to reach in and pick one of those limes...forgot to buy one for dinner ...Dzintra XX

  8. About 15 years ago I had a boyfriend who drove a Kombi - I used to cringe with embarrasment everytime I got in it! But I do think these Kombis are adorable, and you know I've actually seen them in Adelaide somewhere. I was almost tempted to buy a red one for my son's room, as he has a red and white and navy room with a beach theme.

  9. Rosemary - yes a Kombi is a VW bus! Not sure if it's an Aussie word or if the Germans actually marketed the bus under that name here. Now I'm curious to know what Kombi means (or stands for).

  10. OMG I just found your blog through white and wander!!! It is amazing!!! I can't wait to scroll throught the entire thing!!!

  11. what a beautiful post... I love the little vans also... I just got my husband one for his birthday.


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