Thursday, November 27, 2008

Bridging the Gap

Front aspect - after

Front aspect - before

New rear entertaining area & deck - after

Rear area - before (showing the challenges with the rear land)

Glass bridge spanning the water feature links the original part of the house to the new addition

The bridge's see-through stairs

Sliding recessed doors open up the entire entertaining area on warm, sunny days

The formal living area in the original part of the house with hallway leading to the front door

Casual living area in the new addition

More sliding doors give the deck unimpeded access during summer

I do love a good before & after story - even though at the moment I feel like I'm living in the & space! Half a lovely house, half a disaster zone! This little timber cottage in Auckland is a beauty, but the architects were faced with quite a dilemma. A very big drop-off half way down the sloping block (or 'siction' if you're a Kiwi !). Left brain creativity ruled & a covered glass bridge complete with see-through stairs linking the original part of the house to the new addition was built. I also love the way this then creates 2 distinct living zones, the bedrooms, bathrooms, formal living areas & study in the front & the kitchen, laundry & entertaining area at the rear.

The ultra gorgeous bridge also spans a water feature, adding more visual beauty to the design. Just a fabulous, relaxed home given a whole new lease of life.


  1. Very successful renovation. X

  2. that is absolutely gorgeous! thank you for your warm wishes millie!

  3. I have never seen a bridge crossing a water feature to the new addition. That in did is a first. Great post, Millie. Heidi

  4. Wow! That's a fantastic before and after. Well done to them!

  5. I like all of it - very imaginative solution with the back extension. However, I think it was a big big mistake to change those original front windows to french doors.

  6. Those stairs are amazing - I have never seen anything quite like it. I think they would be a huge hit with the kids, especially if the water feature had fish. It would be almost like living in your own Underwater World! Could be pretty scary after a couple fo drinks though...

  7. What an awesome home. The stairs are amazing. I love the entertainment area...and those lights. Lets just say I really, really like it. Great post Millie.
    Ness xx

  8. What a brilliant house. Very unusual but very nice. I remember seeing a stairway like that on the Gold Coast but it was in a very modern house so i love how this is an old house.. Mel xx

  9. Great before and after story Millie. The glass spanning bridge is a spectacular addition along with the see through stairs. But I might agree with Patricia about the french windows...somehow it's not quite like the original front of the house but nevertheless still a stunning renovation!!!

  10. Yes, Patricia & Dzintra I'm with you both too. I'd have loved to see the front sash windows retained. However, having lived in an old Victorian villa for 16 years, they can be absolute buggers once the pulley ropes go to God! Once you have to prise them open to replace the counter weights, they never seem to be the same again.

  11. That bridge really is a fabulous idea - must send the link to my little bro who is destined to be quite the starchitect one day ... he will love it!

  12. Ah yes you can't beat a siction ;)

  13. Quite an amazing visual. LOVE that bridge!

  14. Great before and after!
    What a great solution for a challenging site.

  15. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what a great idea!!

    thanks so much for your well wishes - same to you too!!!


  16. PLEASE let me live in your blog!


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