Wednesday, November 19, 2008

He said Yes!

Right in the middle of my big night out on Friday, a good friend quietly announced to us all that she was getting married. Following all the squeals of delight, big hugs & a few tears (from those of us who'd had a few more Champers than we should have!) we demanded the full story from dear M.

Now I do need to tell you at this point that M. is not your starry-eyed 20 something. She is almost 60, a Mum & Grannie, but a very cool & funky one at that. She & her beau Mr. C. have been happily living together for 14 years & never once has the M. word been mentioned.

However all that changed one evening last week when as M. said, "The Devil made me do it!" She was peeling the vegies for dinner when Mr. C. came home from work, grabbed a beer from the refrigerator & asked how her day had been. Without even thinking she said "Yeah good - do you want to get married?" Mr. C. looked across the kitchen bench at her & in his wonderfully laconic way replied "Yep" & that was it!!

If only everything in life was that easy! So in Feb. they are heading off to Fiji & without any family & friends there to complicate things, they are going to do the deed. That's why we all love M., she's so laid-back!

A large group of her clients & friends have decided to have the ubiquitious Kitchen Tea for her in January. We were a bit worried she'd be reluctant, but when we suggested it to her, she said "That's so good, I hated everything about my first wedding, so this will be soooo much better, let's do it!".

The text messages have been flying thick & fast since then, & believe me, M. may regret agreeing to this! This will be unlike any Kitchen Tea I've ever attended. I've discovered that some of my most valued clients have the most devious & naughty minds! More to come!


  1. Hi dear Millie,
    Oh! that's romantic. I do love weddings. The surprises, the feelings and the tears. Wonderful.

    Cheers! Have a cool day!

  2. Love the laid back is that!!!I suspect the Kitchen Tea will be something else...Dzintra

  3. That was a lovely story Miss Millie. Maybe thats how Jim and I will do it someday lol.

    Anna :)

  4. fabulous! that is the most fantastic story, wishing them great happines and can't wait to hear more details mischievous millie!! xx

  5. I have missed your last few posts as I have been too busy...but I have just read them all, and my haven't you been busy Miss Millie!!!
    That is a great doesn't discriminate at any age, well done for them.
    Ness xx

  6. love that story Millie, and I love that friends can still surprise us. She sounds like a very cool woman and I am sure her kitchen tea will be huge fun. (not too kitcheny and not too much tea me thinks!)

  7. What lovely news! I also have a girlfriend getting married in Fiji next year in May. I REALLY want to go as she is a very dear friend, but I'm also planning to go to Europe in July - so I'm torn.
    I hope your friend's wedding is wonderful. I love a happy ending!

  8. Oh, what a neat and romantic story! May they live happily ever after :)

  9. weeding l'année dernière j'ai préparé le mariage de ma fille et c'était le bonheur


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