Thursday, November 6, 2008

Witchy Woman

Poor MOTH was exposed to one of my rare hissy fits last night & it centred around our current kitchen circa 1972. I'm just about at the end of my rope with it, & while I know that our new one is not far away, the aged catastrophe that I'm forced to work in just doesn't function & I'm so over it. How does no storage, little bench-space, a totally broken & demented oven, still no hot water & terrible lighting sound for starters?!!

So, I just needed to see kitchen beauty, something that would give me hope & allow the light at the end of the new kitchen tunnel to shine that bit brighter. I think this lovely space does that beautifully.

As a footnote, my hissey fit wasn't the only hissey in MOTH's universe yesterday. He's just reported his first snake of the season - a very tetchy & hungry young Tiger snake he encountered while doing some work on a house around the corner. Coming towards MOTH at a rate of knots from some long grass & while MOTH's not normally too fazed when it comes to the old Joe Blakes, the fact that he was wearing shorts (MOTH, not the snake!) made him move a little faster towards safer ground than he normally would have had he had his 'Longies' on!


  1. Oh Millie, you are always so encouraging and lovely I just can't picture you having a hissy fit. Bet you are not that scary at all! Hang in there with your kitchen, although I know it is far easier to say than do. I adore the one in the photo, space, light, white, oven in an alcove... perfect! It looks as though it has a 'secret' butler's pantry type area behind. How great would that be?

    Glad MOTH was quick footed enough to beat the Tiger snake. I'm not sure that wearing trousers would have stopped me from running just as fast!

  2. Halarious, Millie. I love your blog, you're such a great writer even though I don't have the slightest idea what some of the aussie words you are using mean. I should get out my Australia survival book, i guess to translate. I love it, I love it, I love it. Love, Heidi

    p.s. I have the kitchen blues also. Here I was getting all geered up and when pen was put to paper I realized I had used up all my monies on my other projects. Crap.

  3. Oh you girls are so sweet! Hey Miss Eagle Eye Clare how fantastic you picked up on the Butler's Pantry area behind the kitchen. I certainly missed that & once you pointed it out I fell in love a thousand times more with this kitchen.

    Heidi - how remiss of me not to provide translations! Because you're our honorary Aussie I should introduce you to a great tradition here called Rhyming Slang. You'll quickly get the hang of it e.g. Dog & Bone=Phone, Noah's Ark=Shark, Joe Blake=Snake, Trouble & Strife=Wife.
    Longies is short for Long Trousers.
    Yes, we are a wierd mob!

  4. Goodness, I hope your husband is ok! I think I wouldn't venture outside for weeks after an experience like that.
    At least by having such an unworkable kitchen now, it will mean you will love your new kitchen even more when it finally comes.
    I love this kitchen - I seen it somewhere before but can't remember where. Love the hinges on the workbench - they look like the hinges on old 50's style fridges.

  5. Millie,
    I share your Kitchen hissy!! and hope you get your new one done soon. Hang in there chook!
    Love this post BTW,
    Ness xx

  6. Millie...If you get anything close to the marvelous kitchen in your post, the hissy fit was worth it. A steady diet of bad food due to poor light, no hot water, no oven, no storage, etc, might work also.

  7. How funny would a snake wearing a little pair of trousers be? He - that made made laugh out loud - I love your zany posts under such stylish photos! Have a fabulous weekend - lucky you can pop down to Loca Vore so you don't have to use the stinky kitchen after all xx

  8. What an adventure filled day lol. I would have loved to be a fly on the wall.

    Anna :)

    p.s I am LOVING the hardware!!

  9. Poor MOTH, snakes are terrifying! That kitchen is certainly beautiful - hope you don't have to wait too much longer to get your new one - think how much you will appreciate it! Tracey x

  10. first time Iam visit your blog, but I will be back for sure !! have a nice day !


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