Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Stairway to Heaven!

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I think this is just about to become one of my favourite posts! I can almost hear Chris Montez singing "The more I see you, the more I want you" in the background as I write this.

This tiny pied-a-terre in the French Quarter of New Orleans is only 560 sq. ft., but boy does it pack a punch. Originally the 1840's apartment was part of the carriage house & servant quarters attached to the larger main house. Tom Landry the owner wanted to recreate an atmosphere akin to the early Creoles (French natives born outside France in former French colonies such as Guadeloupe or Martinique) who made New Orleans their home.

On settling, the Creoles wanted to reproduce a semi-formal lifestyle based along traditional European lines, so they often brought fine furniture & fabric with them, but also added more rustic pieces from the New World to the mix. There is almost a 'salon' feel about the entire space, yet it's still relaxing & comfortable.

Tom noted that the success of this exquisite home is due to severe editing - note here to MOTH the perpetual Steptoe & Son hoarder! The choice of paint colours was also critical - he used only grey, beige, antique black or gold & the sense of restraint this brings to the entire space is a triumph. The tantalizing glimpse into the bedroom makes me want to see more, but alas these 3 images are it.

Thinking about why I love this home so, I guess I could intellectualize about the past 30 years spent in a very busy & noisy house. Surrounded by so many kids, their mates, pets, etc. maybe this appeals to the solitary part of my psyche, who knows - but its mine in the next life!


  1. ...and pink colour works her magic.
    Lovely post!

  2. That's a great home. I love New Orleans.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful...oh and those doors!
    Ness xx

  4. Oh Millie, when your house is done you will have a bit of sanctuary at least - I know my Mum feels the same and wishes my brother would just leave so they can have some peace after years of madness! I really love that living room though - definitely a calm feeling to it, one we should all take time to practice more I think xx

  5. Absolutely beautiful blog.
    Amitiés from Switzerland

  6. I love the pretty pink exterior - it looks like a perfect little dollshouse.
    Thanks for letting me 'steal' your pic of the house with the dormer windows - I have four great examples now, just need a couple more and I'll be ready to post.

  7. gorgeous! what a beautiful home!

  8. I don't know how you continue to find these gorgeous homes and photos, but I love them. Beautiful!

  9. I love subtile of the lounge. SO heavenly calm w/ it's pinkish colour.

    Love every inch of it!


    Have a wonderful day ahead, Downunder...

  10. That apartment is the perfect example of how small spaces can be beautiful and glamorous - a true oasis.

  11. i'm with you - this place is just perfect, and just the right size. If I don't do the married with kids thing I hope one day to be able to treat myself to something like this - with a fridge stocked with beautiful bubbles and a cupboard full of haigh's freckles, heaven! x

  12. I love those wall panels behind the brown sofa. This is really some fantastic editing!
    Lisa & Alfie

  13. so great - I love the driveway with the lanterns - sooooo beautiful!!!


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
For who can bear to feel himself forgotten?
~W.H. Auden

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