Friday, November 7, 2008

White Ball + Stick = Happiness!

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I've spent far too long in the office this week & not nearly enough time out & about. So I'm indulging myself this weekend & heading to the Scottish highlands for our weekend cyber escape. As I'm desperate to pull the spikes on & put stick to ball, the only possible place to enjoy a round this weekend is the venerable St. Andrews Royal and Ancient Golf Course. While Son # 5, our golf expert with the 6 handicap, would probably dismiss my choice in favour of Pebble Beach, I want the brisk breezes of the highlands in my face.

Our accommodation is not far from the course at the wonderful Culloden House. A little chintz & tartan, but oh so cosy! With a Michelin star, I'm sure dinner in-house will be a memorable experience.

So please join me for a round, or just relax by the fire in the luxurious surrounds of Culloden House. Oh & for those of you who want to get golfing, why not book in for an afternoon at the St. Andrews Golf Academy!


  1. My husband also has a 6 handicap and lives and breathes golf. St Andrews is definately on our list of places to travel after children have flown the coop.

    Enjoy your stay Millie and send me a postacard ;)

    Anna :)

  2. Going with you dispite golf is my handicap!
    Enjoe weekend Millie

  3. I will definitely join you for a round of golf and pray I don't go into one of those sand traps... WOW... those look INTERESTING!
    I did a painting of St Andrews for my hubby for Christmas one year.
    I haven't play much golf this year... VERY sad... from 3 times a week to maybe once a month... hmmmm... think you have inspired me to try a round this weekend.

  4. Oh Millie I could certainly do dinner in that tartan dining room ...especially as it has a Michelin ...perhaps a little jig as well. And it looks cosy too and I'm sure it will be memorable as well...I'll meet you by the fire and we can do cheers. Have a lovely time, Dzintra

  5. Not much for 'Flog' (as Mic would say), but I am very fond of your destination this week, being Scottish and all! I am the first one born in Aus, so no accent!
    Have a great weekend,
    Ness xx

  6. Well you better make sure you take you woollies with you - be damn cold there this time of the year! Funny, because I've just been watching Taggart and loving all those Scottish accents.
    What a coincidence about P.Flett - do you think maybe your boss was secretly the heir to a jam making conglomerate?

  7. I'll skip the golf, but my hubby would love to go. While he's gone, I'll dine in that gorgeous dining room!

  8. Unfortunately, I would that woman with her nose in a book by the fireplace. But I would gladly cheer on anyone with a handicap! Oops, I guess in golf they wouldn't need cheering on right?
    Then we could meet up for dinner in that fabulous dining room. YUM! Thanks again Millie!
    Lisa & Alfie

  9. How exciting that you are also a golfer ... hold on, I'm not great but sure do love trying! It's a legacy of the old hockey days I think - I love a good tee off shot ... when the universe is on your side (and that ball goes flying in the right direction)there is nothing better!

  10. St. Andrews is absolutely breathtaking! I have a great pair of golf shoes, but no clubs. Makes perfect sense doesn't it? ;)


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