Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Beach Baby

Sunset over the water at Sorrento.

The boat-house looks just so inviting in the evening light. Just love the little covered 'rest' bench half-way up the stairs to the main house.

Simple, relaxed, unpretentious beach design. I reckon I'd be lucky to get to Page 2 of a book before nodding off here.

This deck area overlooks the private beach area & has easy access to all the facilities the boat-house offers.
In our case that would definitely mean plenty of Coopers Pale Ale, fresh oysters & a couple of kilos of prawns!

It would take a lot (maybe the odd guided Cruise Missile or 3!) to get me to move from this fabulous spot.

Is that the Queenscliff Ferry out there? Maybe tomorrow we should catch it into town for a long lunch at the fabulous Queenscliff Hotel.

Our own private pontoon to dive from & recover on!

Images R.T. Edgar

This is the first time in years where I haven't had a couple of weeks vacation mid-year & I have to admit to feeling very ragged around the edges this week. Don't quite know how it happened, a couple of big work projects mid-year put me & my diary out of sync, so here we are in mid-November & I've worked right through since January. So I have vacation uppermost on my mind & especially the lazy, hot days of January & THE BEACH!!

As mentioned before, MOTH just loves the Mornington Pennisula region of Victoria just an hours drive from Melbourne. He's spent many happy hours diving in the area, both for work & pleasure, so when I showed him this wonderful Beach House last night, his eyes glazed over & he was already in Sorrento!

This spectacular home for sale has it all - private beach, jetty, pontoon & self-contained boat-house with full facilities. The 5 bedrooms & 5 bathrooms in the Main House would make entertaining all the boys & their assorted girlfriends + many mates a breeze.

We fell in love with the weathered grey timber that the house, decks, balconies & walkways are constructed from. No price disclosed, but other lesser properties in the area sell for well over AUD$5m. & this one is very special indeed. Off to buy a Lotto ticket for Saturday night's draw!


  1. Oh this so relaxing, I wish I could transport myself there now.

  2. Waaahhh...Millie! Ur killing my feelings now. Am a bit sick today and am dying to fly over to a warm place specially like u showed.

    What a gorgeous place to die for.

    AM enjoying watching it. Easing my loneliness!

  3. Such a fabulous beach 'shack'. And at Sorrento which is such a great spot. When you win the lotto and buy it maybe all us fellow bloggers could take turns staying there - if we could ever convince you to leave!

  4. fingers crossed that your lotto numbers come up for you Millie! - would be a perfect place to escape the 37oC day that is Adelaide's weather today!!! xxx

  5. Wow arent those images fabulous. I am the same as you i have not had a holiday in the longest time but funnily enough am heading to your neck of the woods in December...put on the good weather for me wont you!! Mel xxx

  6. What a dream come true. I will file this away in my vacation file. Thanks, Heidi

  7. I need a holiday!!!(in Sorrento)

  8. I'd be happy with just the boat shed let alone the mansion above! What an unbelieveably spectacular place! I'm in complete and uttter awe!

    Anna :)

  9. Oh Millie, it's gorgeous. I'm all for the teleporting. I am there already. It's a rainy, gloomy day here in Brissie I think I'll just hang out at your beach house! A-M xx


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