Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vintage French Style

Iron Gates Circa 1900

Montgolfiere Chandelier Circa 1930

Set of Brass Andirons Circa 1880

Louis XV Style Bibliotheque Circa 1860

French Window with Mirrored Centre Circa 1880

Oak Draper's Table Circa 1900

Louis Phillipe Gilt Mirror Circa 1840

French Stone Bac Circa 1800

Antiques Avignon is one of my very favourite stores in Adelaide & I love to stop & take a peek each time the owners Elisabeth & John, return from a buying trip to France.

If I could have just one of these beautiful pieces, then it would have to be the long Oak Draper's table - I have so the right place for it along a wall in our Living Room! Every Christmas MOTH drags in the battered old wooden trestle tables from the shed & I struggle to disguise them with metres of white linen cloth. No cloth on this gorgeous table, just all the big platters laid out beautifully ready for everyone to fill their plates from. However, running a very close 2nd are those gorgeous iron gates - I reckon I'd have no trouble designing a whole new house around these beauties!

And what about the brass andirons - blow the appropriate fireplace, I think a very stylish conversion into stunning table lamps would be perfect.

Now my friends, it's over to you to tell me which piece you'd like to see the Courier delivering to your place. And this time I'm not even going to 2nd guess who'll choose what!


  1. Hi Millie,

    Ok I too love the Draper Table! (could use it for Thanks Giving) with the Iron gates as a close 2nd.

    Wow, it really is a small world! I too had lived in Temecula from 1986 thru 2003, I don't know when you left but, it has really grown! I have to admit I would love to live where you are! It's beautiful. :-)

  2. Just lovely things. Visited Adelaide in May with some friends and was astounded at the beautiful shops and the antiques etc were very reasonable down there. Is this shop at Norwood? Think i may have visited there, Mel xxx

    p.s just love the scrolly iron and chandelier!

  3. I will have to go with the amazing gates since I have a chandelier very similar and I am on a mirror diet and I don't own a fireplace. Yes, wrap up the gates and send them to 511 N. Main St. Burton, Texas Love everything, Heidi

  4. I want those gates and a house to match!! Amanda x

  5. LOVELY items... I adore that gate!

  6. I want it all! Don't tell my Mum about that place though - she drives past it but never has the guts to go in ... perhaps she should stick to the bargains at Scammels Auctions before Dad cuts up the credit card though ....!

  7. Put me down for the oak drapers table Millie! I've driven past this shop a million times, but have never gone in - it looks exquisite but I'm not sure I could even afford a door knob in there. Still, I should go for a squiz, so thanks for highlighting it.

  8. Ha ha!!! if my marginal is enough, I don't mind, but as I look the situation now, hmmm... "in my dreams"
    hopefully I can grab the iron gate & make them as my bed headboard. Isn't that awesome, idea?

    Don't forget to peep in at my place on sat midnight or sunday. Have surprise even to my friends abroad.

    Enjoy your day ahead.

  9. For me its the gold mirror because I'm looking for one at the moment the gates for when I own a Chateau, but really I want them all, what a gorgeous shop.

  10. Miss Millie I feel like a kid in a candy store. Funny thing, before I even read any comments I picked the gates too for my favourite. They are truly spectacular and who seriously wouldn't want such grandeur at their driveway.

    Anna :)


And none will hear the postman's knock
Without a quickening of the heart.
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