Friday, November 28, 2008

Sleepless in Stirling

Images Millie

We are lucky to live in a koala corridor, & have regular families living in the eucalypts in our side garden. During winter we don't see much of them, but as soon as Spring arrives well, to put it delicately, a boy's got to do what a boy's got to do!!

Just as we were falling asleep last night there was a almighty fracas right outside our bedroom window. After lying there trying to ignore the very noisy goings-on, MOTH had had enough & went outside with the torch to see what on earth was going on. He came back to report that a big boy koala was 'actively' pursuing a girl koala around the garden. MOTH said she was none too pleased, as she had a baby with her, but that didn't seem to worry her 'friend' who MOTH said was relentless in his pursuit. MOTH reckons the boy koala might have had more luck if he'd chucked a Barry White CD on in the background to get her in the mood!!!

I ended up putting the pillow over my head & eventually went to sleep despite the noise & MOTH, now wide awake, ended up in our Home Office doing Invoices until 3a.m.! This morning the poor 'victim' is sitting sleepily on a branch in their usual tree along with her beautiful baby. By the sounds of last night, I would be pretty certain that this time next year she will have a new baby with her!


  1. Oh sweet...we had two in our backyard during winter. I wonder where they have gone. Shame they can be so noisy and nocturnal!! They are so cute though (from a distance!!), Mel xxx

  2. I remember well those furry friends keeping us awake in Crafers - they certainly can make some noise! EverytimeI look at your garden it reminds me of Mum and Dads, only 2 weeks now and I will be home, can't wait xx

  3. So funny, Millie.
    Unfortunately I guess you and your husband can not catch up on a sleep as the “naughty boy".

  4. How cute, I've never seen a Koala in real life before and you have them living in your back garden! :)

  5. They are so sweet and cuddly aren't they...the photos brought back the time we were in Queensland and we were able to actually hold one...(but we had to be wary as well)...they are just gorgeous!!! Dzintra XX

  6. oh.... lucky you!?!? - I used to babysit for a family in Burra that had a deer farm. They had this beautiful old (read scary and dark and big to a young 13 year old girl) stone home out near the old gaol. The noise they used to make scared the life out of me! Here's hoping the um, 'mating' season is over in the hills for you now! have a lovely weekend Millie xx

    PS - Darwin is one of my most favourite places as well! spent two months there a couple of years back and it holds very fond memories for me - can't wait to go visit my friend there x

  7. Oh, so cute!
    Every now and then we get Racoons in the trees in our backyard. Not so cute, in fact they can be a little scary.

  8. Oh how I would Love to have Koalas mating in my back yard. I guess the closest thing to it would be ferrel cats screaming all night long going at it. How Romantic. Heidi

  9. OMG they are so cute.. I can only imagine seeing real Koala's in the trees....seems very magical to me!


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