Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Millie 1, Jack Frost 0

Some of the Christmas Lilies on the old Tennis Court

MOTH trying to make his way through the Lilies last Christmas Day

It is with great relief that I can report that all is well on the Christmas Lilies front at The Hedge. Our coldest Hills winter since 1952 + a run of very harsh frosts, saw MOTH appear at the back door a couple of months ago looking very sad. He'd just been down to the old Tennis Court where all our prized Lilies are sitting in their pots.

"I think we've lost the Lilies Millie" he said, gulping hard as he spoke. "Oh no, what's happened?" I gasped with shock. "The frosts have got 'em love, looks very bad, I reckon they're done for" was his muffled reply. Devastated & shattered, he took my hand & led me down to the Lilies, & yes, things looked grim. The new growth was stunted & black & indeed the situation looked hopeless. Together we made the long walk back to the house, not speaking, just grieving for the flowers that have given us & many others such pleasure each Christmas.

Well, all is not lost ! The Lilies have made a miraculous recovery, & on paying them a visit on Sunday, this is what I found! Not only do they look incredibly healthy, but they have doubled their blooms & it looks like we'll have well over 100 stems this year. So the Lilie god has smiled on us here in Stirling & for that we are very grateful!


  1. How pretty. I love how they are Christmas Lilies in AU and here they are Easter Lilies. I love their smell and it is such a nice surprise to see them come up out of know where. Of course someone would have planted them. I take orders from all the local churches to have them in church to decorate the altar and some churches get so many it makes such an amazing display, they do the same thing with poinsettias at Christmas time. I drive 1 hour away just to get the best plants in Texas and when I get there it is always interesting how they pack so many plants in my van. I will be making thay treck in just a few weeks again. Wow, how time flies. Thanks Millie. Heidi

  2. Wow - I can't keep a cactus alive let alone nurse a plant back to health! How can I fix humans quite successfully but not plants - strange?!? Well done!

  3. oh Millie that is fantastic news! I always admire the stunning photo of the 2007 'harvest'. Can't wait to see the blooms of 2008 xx

  4. Yaa Hoo.

    Mexico suffered an exceptionally cold winter last year. So many of the poinsettia growers were fearful that this years plants would be lost. But just like your willful lilies The blossoms this year are huge and plentiful. It seems every once in a while Mother Nature does a bit of house cleaning!! :c)

    Pattie :c)
    Mazatlan Mexico

  5. They are gorgeous, isnt nature wonderful!! Mel xx

  6. Your lilies look stunning! They are going to be amazing, you will have to show us!! Amanda x


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