Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Millie's Christmas List

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Yay - MOTH has just made the announcement I wait for all year "Millie my darling one, heart of my heart, I want to start carefully choosing your presents now, wrapping them beautifully & ensuring you get everything your heart desires. So my sweet, could you start letting me know what you'd like to find under the Christmas Tree this year, in your own time of course my precious."

Ooops, I think I hallucinated for a brief moment, wake up you silly Millie! In actuality the conversation went along these lines "I've got no bloody idea what to get you. Here, write a couple of things down on this scrappy bit of paper & hurry up about it. Shopping for you is always a pain, I hate Christmas!" Now that's more like the MOTH I know & love.

If past years are anything to go by the scenario will go something like this:

  • A last minute dash into David Jones on Christmas Eve.
  • A quick spin around the perfume counter.
  • Be the Christmas Grouch to all the poor weary DJ girls.
  • Throw the present, unwrapped & still in the DJ's bag under the Chrissie tree.
  • Oh & as he reckons he can never find any gift cards, he'll grab a black Marker pen & write my name on the outside of the Store bag!
  • Grumble intensely when 2 weeks after Christmas, he receives a parking ticket for illegally parking outside DJ's.

Yes, he's one of a kind when it comes to Christmas!


  1. How very well put Millie,I wonder how many are just like MOTH!!! I always buy myself something for Christmas and pop it under the tree!!!The Christmas lillies are going to be just perfect...one of my favourites...enjoy!!!

  2. What do you give Moth, Millie?
    I suggest you give him a beautifully gift wrapped present of your choice! When he undoes it on Christmas morning you can say, ' Merry Christmas, I knew your would just love this .....' !! xv

  3. Yep sounds just like my hubby.... although after telling him that I received your beautiful posy the other day, he bought me a dozen red roses today..I almost fell over.... thanks Millie! A-M xx

  4. Hilarious! My Dad does the same thing every year ... but still, he sort of tries and that is the sweet thing xx

  5. j'adore faire des paquets cadeaux!!!

  6. Trust me your MOTH is not alone. I remember my partner (now EX) ringing me half an hour before the stores closed on Christmas Eve, three sheets to the wind, asking me 'now what did you say you wanted again'!!

  7. Ha Ha Ha!! You two should have a sitcom. I feel for you Miss Millie. Mic always does a lot of thinking about my gifts and even wraps them so I wont guess what they are. Hope you get something great.
    Ness xx

  8. My hubby waits until the very last minute and then gets me stuff from the same store every year! I never want to hurt his feelings, but this year I told him I wanted nothing from that store....sometimes you just have to come out and say it, lol!

  9. Christmas comes on the same date every year and still takes Mr.MOTH by surprise. Too funny! ♥Rosemary

  10. That was perfect! A great way to start the day with a laugh and see how similar our lives are.

  11. What great comments everyone - I feel so much better knowing that I'm not alone on this!

  12. You know what i did Millie? I EMAILED my husband a list, yes emailed to our home email address. The email is marked as read so i am hoping he read and did as told! HOWEVER the other day i mentioned the perfume i wanted (which was in the email) and he said what perfume??? so you just dont know if he is playing silly buggers or really does not know!! Well i can live in hope i guess. Mel xxx

  13. LMAO Millie you never fail to crack me up. My husband and I don't buy each other gifts to open on christmas day, we go shopping together at the sales after boxing day. That works for me cause at least I KNOW I'll get what a want lol.

    Anna :)


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