Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Advance Warning

I thought it would be appropriate to forewarn you that tomorrow's post contains some offensive & shocking images. After some thought about whether to or not, I'm posting on our bathroom renovations. So if you think you will be offended, I suggest you give The Hedge the flick tomorrow & go somewhere more tasteful! So I guess that means almost every other site in Blogland!

Maybe I should have waited until its finished to do a Before & After post, but I thought blow it, just do it Millie. This is our life, we are living through the dust & grime & deafening noise of the jackhammer at the moment & to get a wonderful end result sometimes one has to start with overwhelming ugliness! We are now down to just a bare, gutted shell, so I can really start to envisage how it will look over the next few months. Though I can just see all my dear Bloggie friends who have The Hedge listed in their Blogrolls, getting into their Blog dashboards at lightening speed & deleting/expunging me from their beautiful sites forever for this terrible lapse!


  1. Thanks for the warning, Millie. I will make the following preparations for tomorrow's post...

    1) Clear all children out of the room.
    2) Collect smelling salts, box of tissues, strong drink
    3) Have two windows on my computer open - one with beautiful calm image of a sea scape in case I need to advert my eyes at a moments notice.
    4) Book counseling session for tomorrow afternoon
    5) Warn my hubby that it will be take-out for dinner tomorrow night as I may be completely incapable of cooking due to receiving strong shock.

    Looking forward to it...
    Clare x

  2. No Way Millie! Bring on the honest truth of your renovating journey. You can share your ugliness with us - we're here for you all the way!

  3. We are ready for it Millie - do not fear, we are made of tough stuff. (One day I would love to show you our renovation before and afters!) xv

  4. can't wait Millie...
    Now you have my little mind ticking over trying to figure out what we are going to see...

  5. Not a chance Millie. All of us who have lived through renovations can really empathise. Can't wait to see it all coming together. Bring it on! Hayley

  6. I'm waiting........!

    I show you my ugly, now I want to see yours!!

  7. I'm anxious to know the result!!!
    Tanks for your visit and When you and Moth will come in Italy I suggest you a visit in my country! It's in the south of Italy, on the sea! Its name is Puglia.Bye bye


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